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I’m Alison (with one ‘L’ – yes, I am particular about that, what?) and I’m a mother of four – two boys, Monkey (born December 2009), Scrumplet (born May 2012), and boy/ girl twins (born prematurely at 34 weeks, September 2014) who do not have blog nicknames yet. For now, we live in hot and humid Malaysia. If you’re looking for a parenting site that gives you advice on …. well, anything, then this is not it. If you’re looking for a food blog, this isn’t it either, though I do share recipes (the ones I didn’t mess up). I rarely do reviews, though I do occasionally give goodies away (because I’m nice like that). Mostly, this blog is a collection of memories – for me, for my children.

Here, this is us.

Mother and sons

Twins 40 days


My journey to writing has been one of stops and starts. From bad poetry when I was a teen, to scathing observations of city life (which no one has ever read) in my early 20’s, I wrote. I stopped writing stories for over 10 years when I worked in marketing and public relations, and only rediscovered it when my first son was 15 months old. By that I mean I started this blog on a whim, and to my surprise, found my voice

My children make it easier for me to get out of bed every morning, although with four children, sleep is elusive. They make my days long, and short. Hard, and easy. But always joyful and full of the little things in life that makes my heart full to bursting. Or, that could just be indigestion from too many baked goods.

I am no parenting expert. I mostly fumble through this by the seat of my pants. That doesn’t stop me from writing about it (because, the material!) – from the 10 truths I learned as a parent, to knowing that it’s okay to give the children cake for breakfast and not wishing time away. My children are truly my greatest teachers.

I did not know this before I started this blog – that blogging and social media would become such a passion. I’ve written about blogging in a serious way, given it a humorous twist, and even deigned to give advice to fellow bloggers. It has also led me to the fulfilling of a dream, that of being my own boss (but who am I kidding, my children are the real bosses). I founded Little Love Media, a social media consultancy, where I help bloggers and small businesses, navigate the worlds of blogging and social media. I also organize blog book tours for first-time authors and/ or self-published writers.

I dabble in photography so you will see a fair amount of pictures around here, especially since I am embarked on a 52-week photography project in 2014, Through The Lens Thursday. And we’re doing it again in 2015! I’ll be continuing to take photos based on a weekly prompt, and posting them here every Thursday, in an effort to get better at photography. 

Because I don’t sleep anyway and I love being busy, I get around quite a bit (only in the blogging sense, of course). I am a regular contributing blogger to Everyday Family, and sometime contributor to Scary Mommy, Mamalode,  and The Huffington Post. I’ve also guest posted for various blogs and sites

I love talking to my readers, and connecting. You can find me at these places.

Send me an email at alison {at} writingwishing {dot} com.

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I look forward to getting to know you!

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