Mama Draws!

I am no artist.

In fact, when I was 15, I scored poorly in Art (it was a proper subject back in the day). It was a blemish on my slightly above average academic record.

Not that it’s deterring me from drawing and posting it in a public arena, 20 years later.

This is my blog after all.

These are just random drawings which I did on Paint (awesome program for amateur, non-artists like me). I’ll be adding on more drawings (I hope).

I drew this for my dear friend Kim (of Mama’s Monologues) one night when she was feeling a little down. This cupcake? No calories. #win


I drew this for my 1,000th Twitter follower. When I was 2 away from 1,000, I tweeted that the 1,000th will receive a unicorn. This was the best I could do. I’ll let you know when I find a real unicorn.

I drew this for my 1,001th Twitter follower as she came so close to being the 1,000th. You can’t say I’m not fair.


I drew this one quiet afternoon while tweeting (what else?), inspired by Kim again after she tweeted a picture of her new wedges. One of four pairs of new shoes she’d bought in 24 hours! (I am so proud of her)


The first birthday ‘gift’ I promised my Twitter friends/ followers. This one is for Rusti (@rustilyn) of My Life as An Officer’s Wife, who turned 31 on August 4!

The second birthday drawing for my tweeps. This is for Angela (@tiaras_trucks) of Tiaras and Trucks, who celebrated her birthday on August 10!

The Suniverse asked for a pony for her birthday on August 13 Рand she got her pony!!

* Please do not use these images as your own without permission. Stealing is wrong. If you do? Your insides will shrivel up and cause you deep and lasting pain in your groin area. Also? I will hunt you down. You can’t click the right mouse button and save as, but if you know how to get around it, please don’t. Thank you.*

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