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This post has been writing itself for months now. I have talked about quitting this blog for a while now, here and in private with friends, asked for opinions on what I should do, weighed the pros and cons, and have finally come to a conclusion. As you may have discerned from the post title… Read More

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I am pretty tired.I wonder when I’ll ever have a full night’s sleep again.I hear that’s going to be NEVER.I see dark circles under my eyes.I want to sleep for a full night, whatever that means.I am still functional though. I pretend at playing adult. My inner child is protesting.I feel all the feelings these days… Read More

I Hate Running

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It’s weird how epiphanies happen. This particular one (“I hate running”) came about while I was in the kitchen, getting a snack or grabbing a second lunch, well, something to do with food and stuffing my face. My train of thought went something like this:  Mmm. Hungry. Food. Ugh, leftover baby belly. Ooh, gummy bears… Read More

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 When it comes to my children and their access to technology, I have three confessions. Confession #1: My oldest son mastered the use of an iPad at about the same time as he learned to walk. Confession #2: I have allowed my boys unlimited use of devices when we traveled. Confession #3: This freedom of… Read More

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