Who’s This Mama?

My name is Alison. I started this blog because I have 2 current obsessions: my son Monkey (he has a real name, really) and writing.

Here’s a little video to give you a snapshot of who I am and what this blog is about, if you’d rather not read my awesome list below.


Monkey is a fairly new obsession, which began on December 29, 2009, when I pushed him out (of you know what – it’s not that kind of blog). Writing, well, that’s an old friend, whom I’ve neglected for many years, but has welcomed me back with open arms.

These days, I describe myself as a stay-at-home mother of one. That hardly says anything about me, or it says a lot, depending on how you see it.

This list might be more useful in discerning who I am:

  1. I wear a lot of black.
  2. I hate peas, in every shape or form.
  3. When I was in my 20’s, I used to tell my friends I had no inclination to be a mother. My friends like to remind me of that fact. Frequently.
  4. I love being a mother.
  5. My son is the light of my life.
  6. He is also sometimes the cause of migraines.
  7. I read fast. I can finish a book in less than a day. My mother never believed I could, so she used to quiz me  on the books I claim to have read. I kid you not.
  8. I lived in London for 6 months in 1998. That was the best and worst time of my life.
  9. I have weird looking toes.
  10. I always wonder how people write biographies, recalling childhood memories with such great detail, when I can barely remember what happened yesterday.
  11. Chocolate. I love chocolate.
  12. I love the smell of bakeries.
That’s a pretty long list. no? I could go on, but I’ve probably lost you at #5.

However you found my blog, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it. As for comments? They’re the life blood of blogging, at least to me. So do comment!

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