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Five years into this mothering gig, I've learned things I never thought I would need to, or want to.  Such as ...... I know the difference between what's 'good' poop and what's not. A great gag reflex is necessary. I can tell when it's "I am hungry" crying versus "I am pissed off at you because you… Read More


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One of my earliest memories is that of me falling onto the dog. We called him Raffy, our toddlerspeak twisting his real name, Rufus. He was black, with patches of white and light brown on his legs and face. A gentler soul could not be found. But on this morning, when two year old me… Read More

Lost Gems

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I remember the dark green jade bracelet around my right wrist - heavy, cumbersome on my 10 year old wrist. I remember tripping,  falling, and my bracelet hitting the ground, a loud thud, and it breaks into three pieces. I remember relief.  There was that gold charm bracelet my mother bought me. I was 13… Read More

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I've written and published more posts this week alone than I did last month - yay me? I wish I could tell you I was teeming with ideas, and wrote amazing things. Hahahaha! November 1 was the first day in five that I parented solo. The twins suddenly became really clingy. After the heady first… Read More

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In the spirit of NaBloPoMo, I will be sharing my favorite posts from the list of posts linked up at BlogHer. I have been randomly clicking on at least 5 to 10 posts a day to read, and have discovered some really great writing and awesome blogs. Yay, NaBloPoMo! I hope you find the time… Read More


They're in my bed. I said it wouldn't happen again, but it has. It's just so much easier than getting in and out every hour or so, those eight steps from my bed to their crib feeling like I have lead in my feet, eyes struggling to stay open. Especially because their father is out… Read More

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Yesterday, I ranted a little about some blogging and social media pet peeves (sorry). Today, I want to talk about good blogging and social media practices of my fellow bloggers. Comment Yes, we still like comments on our blog posts. A lot. Leave a comment, even if it's a short one. Yes, even "Great post!"… Read More

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