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"These kids need to go back to school PRONTO." - what I just said to my husband this Monday morning. I do love my children, but yes, they drive me crazy when they're off school for a week.  I may be the best at playing with them but yes, I still love them.  Such is motherhood… Read More

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I have admitted to being a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants-parent, a parent who benignly neglects her children, and one who has cake for breakfast with the children. So it shouldn't be a great surprise to hear that I am not the fun parent. Several weeks ago, my husband put together an amazing train track, which I loved.  … Read More

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My oldest boy is 5, and has been in a structured, educational environment for over two years. He has moved from nursery to pre-school to pre-K to kindergarten, and I have shed nary a tear.  I absolutely understand the emotions of parents who send their beloved child of to the big world of kindergarten, especially… Read More

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