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Banana coconut muffins

I just started a 5-day eating plan, and at this very moment, I really want to eat cheese and crackers, except it’s not in the plan. It’s very specific, easy to follow, and the food is delicious. I’m actually enjoying the clean eating.  But, Day One is hard. I am drinking more water than I’m… Read More

Coconut bread

It’s Tasty Thursday! Yup, it’s not a meme or a linky, just like Foodie Friday isn’t. I’m just all about alliteration and random food posts. I’m back in the kitchen, and whenever I get back in there after a long break, I get overly enthusiastic and I scour the Internet for new recipes. I found… Read More

The VlogTalk girls (Jessica, Elena and Kate) are so nice – this week’s prompts were so easy, there was no reason not to do one! (clever) This week’s prompts: 1. Photo slideshow of anything you want (have fun with it – add transitions, words, music) 2. Date night with your significant other (this vlog can… Read More

I’m doing this a little differently this week as I’m linking up with The Good Life for Monday Listicles, and the list is: 10 words you could live without. Okay, it’s Sunday, but whatevs. As usual, I’ll be linking up with my inspiration for this list, Genie In A Blog for her weekly Attitude of… Read More

Apple bread

I apologize. For that pig trotter vinegar stew picture. I’m sure it put you off your breakfast/ lunch/ dinner. Some of you might even have thrown up a little.  So I’m going to try and redeem myself.  A few months ago, I was looking for yummy recipes I could make for my baby (now toddler!)… Read More

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