I may be the only blogger who’s featured her sofa more than once. What? I spend a lot of time on it. Recently, my husband had a brilliant idea. Since the sofa is modular, why don’t we switch things around?? And so we did. The above is the result. A family friendly sofa. Not so… Read More

  The toddler came home from his grandparents place with this creepy person-shaped balloon a couple of days ago. Aside from it moving by itself throughout the house at all hours (I am not kidding), the toddler insists on holding onto it frequently. Example above: watching TV and hanging out with Creepy-Big-Head-Person-Balloon. It’s watching me… Read More

“Hello!” “Did you hear?” “I’m going to be a BIG BROTHER!!” “Mama says the baby will be here in early May.” “I cannot wait!” Me neither. Taking guesses on whether it’d be a boy or a girl. No prizes for the right answer. For the record, I don’t know yet, nor do I have an… Read More

This is my sister and I in 1998, in her flat in Camden Town, London. Yes, she lived in Camden Town, how hip was she? Yes, that is a poster of Brad Pitt (who looks like he’s kicking me in the head). He was with me from 1995 to 1998. Yes, that is an ironing… Read More

Hey, a ball! It’s a basketball Mama, of course I’m throwing it. Strolling, all casual. Playing ball is hard work. Just taking a break. 1. I know it’s a basketball, Mama, but I like kicking it. 2. I know my pants are dirty. I’m a boy! All done, Mama! Linking up with Kiddothings’ Picnesday… Read More

What do I see when I look at you? Your eyes, full of life and sparkle. Fun and mischievous. Dark, dark brown. Like mine, your mother. Your eyebrows. Strong and full. Assertive. Accentuates your frowns. Like his, your father. Your nose. Cute and pert. Rubbed red when you’re annoyed with something. A habit all of… Read More

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