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Through The Lens Thursday is a one-year photography project, where every week, my project partner, Greta of GFunkified and I, will post a picture (or pictures) we have taken based on a prompt. Our hope is that together, we can teach and learn from each other, stay accountable to our goal of improving our skills… Read More

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When my firstborn was 11 months, he said his first words: “Papa” and “Okay”. By 15 months, he had many, many words. He was speaking in full gibberish sentences. As a first-time, proud mother, I was convinced that it was a sign of his soon-to-be, ahead-of-his-age conversational skills. By age 2, he was still speaking… Read More

Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.” ― Mother Teresa

Is it possible to feel like a failure twice in one day, in a matter of hours? Yes, yes it is. The first time was when I snapped at my oldest, for throwing cookies all over the clean floor. His face fell, feelings clearly hurt. As I grumpily went about vacuuming the crumbs, it struck… Read More

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After I read Kate’s post, Friday Funnies, where she shared adorable and funny stories of her boys, I realized I haven’t really done that here, a space for memory keeping. Total fail. I want to remember all the little things the boys do, and I just know, over time (very little time), these memories will… Read More

“Tell me, who is the taller boy in this picture?” she asked, expectantly. My nearly 3-year old looked at her with his big puppy dog eyes, and stayed silent. He doesn’t know what tall or short means, I fume silently. “What is this?” she shows him a hairbrush. Another silent look. I should have taught… Read More

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Alison Profile PictureI'm Alison. Writer, a mother of four (two boys and boy/ girl twins), social media enthusiast and book lover. A believer in the power of chocolate and hugs. Chugging coffee as I type. Want to know more?

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