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“Use your words, Monkey. Tell me what you want. Hand tugging does not work anymore,” I say for the umpteenth time. My 3 year old obliges me. He tells me what snack he wants. 5 minutes later, I find myself repeating, “Use your words. USE your words.” It struck me later that I need to… Read More

These two people make my heart explode every single day. (yes, sometimes, my head, too) Linking this with Julie and Greta!   Memories Captured is back!! Link up here with Galit and I from July 16 – 20 for a chance to win 50 Classic Stock business cards from moo! We can’t wait to see what… Read More

Welcome back to another edition of Tips, Ideas & Advice! This is now a fortnightly series, so tune in every two weeks. The question we’re answering this week comes from RoryBore of Time Out For Mom, who asked: I would love some tips on how to make helping the kids with homework a more bonding… Read More

This week at Just.Be.Enough., we are writing letters to our future self or child. My son is 21 1/2 months old now and I just know that before I can say, “Bananas for everyone!”, he will be taller than me; he will be a teenager, then an adult; he will date and get married; he… Read More

Tips, Ideas & Advice is on hold this week, and will return next week on October 4! If you have any tips, ideas and advice for how to instill good eating habits in children, please email me at mamawantsthis {at} gmail {dot} com! As today, I’m over at Just.Be.Enough. writing about a very interesting topic – that… Read More

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