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Whenever I am out with the twins, we get stared at a lot. Granted, twins aren’t so uncommon these days, but they are no less fascinating.  Some folks venture to start a conversation, especially in the elevator of our condominium (technically, we are all neighbours, aren’t we?), the first question naturally is, “Are they twins?”… Read More

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There is much joy that comes with finding out that you’re pregnant with twins. Twice blessed. Even more so when your doctor tells you that they’re fraternal, carrying the lowest risk. I’ve always had healthy and relatively easy pregnancies. I carried both boys to nearly 40 weeks (#1 was 3 days early, #2 was a… Read More


They’re in my bed. I said it wouldn’t happen again, but it has. It’s just so much easier than getting in and out every hour or so, those eight steps from my bed to their crib feeling like I have lead in my feet, eyes struggling to stay open. Especially because their father is out… Read More


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On any given day, I have a baby in my arms 95.64% of the time. I’m no mathematician and I haven’t logged in actual hours, but it sure feels that way. Now, this is not a complaint. When you have twins, chances of having a baby in your arms is fairly high. Heck, having just… Read More

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My dearest twin babies, Oh. My. God. Nearly 8 months into this gig as a twin pregnancy mother, I am still OhMyGoding, because it’s a little hard to wrap one’s head around the idea of twins. Of two babies at once. Of having hands and hearts full. Of doubling the number of children at one… Read More

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This is not a sponsored post. I am writing this because I personally love Bright Eyes Kids products, and I am receiving no compensation for this, other than a simple pattern blanket worth $15, which they have generously agreed to give me because I’m expecting twins (I’m paying for my own shipping). I will occasionally… Read More

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