Not Quite Right

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Have you entered my Food Obsessed Cray Cray Giveaway yet? I’m giving away NINE cookbooks by food bloggers! Giveaway open until December 7.   I’ve been a shitbag of doldrums lately. Just ask my poor husband who’s had to put up with me. My children are my joy, my heart, my life. They laugh, they… Read More

You may be aware of this sudden tagging phenomenon going on in the bloggy world the past couple of weeks. Lo and behold, I was tagged 3 times. That’s 33 different questions to answer and honestly, you’ll be deathly sick of me by the time I come to answer question 7. So what did I… Read More

This post should have been written last week but I sort of let it slide because, er, um, right, I have no idea why. It’s kinda like the laundry that piles up, or the dishes that just needs to be done, or the…..well, you get the picture. I digress. I think this is how shit piles… Read More

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