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This post was copied from inspired by Leigh Ann of Genie In A Blog. Over It The sickies:¬†We have been battling colds, coughs, viral infections, stomach bugs, high fever, for weeks. No one has been spared. I just want a healthy household Sweating profusely: This is one postpartum symptom I really, really wish was over… Read More


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It is never truly quiet, is it? Sounds I love The 1 year old’s laugh The 3 year old’s laugh The 1 year old’s quiet snoring The 3 year old saying “Thank you very, very much” The 3 year old saying, “Please” Running water in the shower, especially when I’m in it The rain The… Read More


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  Nothing like a little offloading to start the new week, eh? I have some confessions to make. 1. I’m addicted to Instagram (are you following me there?). A couple of weeks ago, I was up to my eyeballs in everything and barely touched my phone (I know, what??). At 11pm, I felt ‘off’ for… Read More

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