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Banana coconut muffins

I just started a 5-day eating plan, and at this very moment, I really want to eat cheese and crackers, except it’s not in the plan. It’s very specific, easy to follow, and the food is delicious. I’m actually enjoying the clean eating.  But, Day One is hard. I am drinking more water than I’m… Read More

I’m Looking Forward To……. Thumbnail

A little light Monday reading for you, my friends. I was planning to publish a fairly introspective post, which I’ve been working on in my head for a few days. But every time I sit down to write it, I get interrupted and when I get back to it, I just can’t seem to get… Read More

10 things I will never, ever do

A life list or bucket list, or list of things to do before you’re 40/ 50 and so on. Have you made one? I haven’t. I haven’t because I am a little nervous about actually committing to some of those things that I will probably just put on the list because it seems that one… Read More

Farewell, 2012 Thumbnail

I have a post at The SITS Girls today about creating community on your blog! Read and share? Thank you. 2012 was quite a year. It felt long, yet short. It was wonderful, yet hard. It was full, yet I was empty sometimes. It was full of new – new baby, new business, new writing… Read More

Dear Husband, Remember when…  We had lunch at this amazing fish and chip place in Noosa, Queensland, Australia in 2005? (our first vacation together to Australia!)   We declared these pancakes the best in the world, and Coco’s in Perth became our go-to breakfast place whenever we went back to Australia? (and ohmygoodness, the scrambled… Read More

Stacey of Mothering Moments provided a most interesting listicle inspiration this week – 10 things you do in one hour. Like most stay-at-home mothers, I don’t have a typical hour. Not when your day is run by a 3 foot tall 2 year old. So here I present to you a list of things done… Read More

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