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Five years into this mothering gig, I’ve learned things I never thought I would need to, or want to.  Such as …… I know the difference between what’s ‘good’ poop and what’s not. A great gag reflex is necessary. I can tell when it’s “I am hungry” crying versus “I am pissed off at you because you… Read More


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It is never too late to be what you might have been.

Last week, I wrote a post with a bunch of advice, starting with Don’t.  So here’s a list of Do’s, all derived from personal experience. Do wash your hands after going to the bathroom. Do eat ice cream for dinner once in a while.  Do kiss your husband/ wife/ partner. Do get a dog/ cat… Read More


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Don’t wish time away.  Don’t miss out on eating dessert for breakfast. Don’t hold your farts in. Don’t cut your own hair.  Don’t talk yourself out of an opportunity to try something new. Don’t go to bed angry. Don’t wake up angry. Don’t be late. Don’t be rude to the waiter/ waitress/ barista/ cashier/ cleaning… Read More

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“Use your words, Monkey. Tell me what you want. Hand tugging does not work anymore,” I say for the umpteenth time. My 3 year old obliges me. He tells me what snack he wants. 5 minutes later, I find myself repeating, “Use your words. USE your words.” It struck me later that I need to… Read More


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The little bump on my left middle finger is a result of 10-year old me playing with a knife at my grandmother’s house. It was a curved blade, like a mini scythe and the scar is round, just like the injury. My left thumbprint shows a distinct line in the middle. Stupid art class. We… Read More

Two babies

Last week, I believe I survived on adrenaline, chai, my children’s hugs and kisses, and occasional meals. I wrote a bunch of stuff here, I wrote a bunch of stuff elsewhere, and my 2nd blog anniversary came to pass (I could do some links here but I’m lazy). I was on Twitter and Facebook talking… Read More

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Saturday morning began as any – far too early. Drinking a cup of coffee while the baby played by my side, I turned on my laptop. I was stunned and shattered. Shootings, children, death, guns, more death, more children gone too soon, stabbings. I sat here, thinking about the young lives lost, about the parents… Read More

Be Kind

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  “Are you okay?” Then I burst into tears. It was four days after my first son was born. The midwife was merely checking in on me as she would every day, and she asked me that question each time. That day, I cried. Yes, it was simple postpartum blues. It is also how I… Read More

  Nearly a year ago, I was honored by Jamie of Chosen Chaos to contribute to her weekly series, If I Could Turn Back Time where I wrote a letter to my 18 year old self. She is celebrating one year of this series with a linkup where everyone who wrote a letter, links up their post. So… Read More

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