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I feel like a fraud whenever someone says to me, wow, you’re such a supermom, four kids under the age of five, blogging, writing, all the social media-ing – how do you do it? You are amazing! I am not amazing. I am an ordinary human being, who is incredibly blessed. I have help and… Read More

Love Language

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How do you spell love quote by A.A. Milne

This post was originally published on DrGreene.com, and has been slightly rewritten. My husband does not remember birthdays or anniversaries. He is not a giver of flowers or fancy chocolate. He does however, fill the gas in my car when it’s running low because he knows that I don’t have time to do that. He… Read More

Four, Never Five

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Is it just me or is it normal to feel indecision and doubt, after making a decision?  The day I told my husband I was absolutely sure that we were done having kids, the last thought on my mind before I fell asleep that night was, ooh, wouldn’t it be nice to have three children… Read More

Quote on why family traditions are important

This entire week, I will be guest blogging at DrGreene.com, a pediatric health and parenting site. I would be so honoured and thrilled if you could support my posts there by reading, commenting and/ or sharing. Comments here are closed.  Click here to read today’s post about how we’re planning to start and carry on… Read More

It’s been a long 8 months since we decided to buy a new place, and started the tedious process of property purchase in Malaysia. After all the negotiations, delays, mountains of paperwork and waiting, we are very close to moving in. We just need to close on a few documents, go out and buy furniture… Read More

Apparently there is such a thing as Sisters Day. It’s ‘celebrated’ on the first Sunday of August, which will make it 7 August this year. However, 26 April is the day I choose to ‘celebrate’ my sister.My sister has been mentioned here a few times, once in my coffee story, and most recently in my… Read More

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