I Hate Running

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It’s weird how epiphanies happen. This particular one (“I hate running”) came about while I was in the kitchen, getting a snack or grabbing a second lunch, well, something to do with food and stuffing my face. My train of thought went something like this:  Mmm. Hungry. Food. Ugh, leftover baby belly. Ooh, gummy bears… Read More

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You know how blogging gurus and SEO (search engine optimization) whizzes tell you that you have to ‘SEO’ your post title? To enable your post to be top of the page when people are searching for something specific? Well, if you’re searching for anything related to poop, or shit, welcome! But be prepared to be… Read More


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More confessions? Didn’t I just tell you that I gave my kids leftover birthday cake for breakfast?  Alas, I do have more to confess. Promise you’ll still love me. 1. I gave up chocolate two weeks ago, and told everyone I did. I am eating chocolate as I’m writing this. I cracked. But it’s oh-so-yummy… Read More

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My preschooler has eaten french fries and mini tubs of choco-berry yogurt for dinner two nights in a row. A repeat performance is very likely tonight. It’s far easier than cooking something that requires the hiding of vegetables, thinking of an alternate name for it that he’ll recognize so he’ll deign to try it, only… Read More


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  Nothing like a little offloading to start the new week, eh? I have some confessions to make. 1. I’m addicted to Instagram (are you following me there?). A couple of weeks ago, I was up to my eyeballs in everything and barely touched my phone (I know, what??). At 11pm, I felt ‘off’ for… Read More

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