Benign Neglect

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Such has been my attitude to almost everything lately - benign neglect. (My definition) An attitude of "it can take care of itself, or if it cannot, it doesn't really matter right now".  My boys, at 4 and nearly 2, have become fast friends. There is less pushing, shoving and snatching, and more sharing, caring… Read More

Neat freak

Everything is just so. In their place, lined up, stacked neatly, nothing askew.  The beds are made the way they're supposed to be made (my way). The children's play area is organized in a fashion that makes sense (to me). There is nothing on the coffee table (except for pen marks, thanks toddler). Remote controls… Read More

Thornton Wilder quote on life and living

I've been reading books about death and dying recently in quick succession (Me Before You, The Book Thief, The Fault In Our Stars, One Last Thing Before I Go, The Woman Who Could Not Forget) - not that I was in a dark mood, they just happened to be books I'd planned to read. All… Read More

Boys laughing

Some friends are in that sweet mothering spot - where their children are old enough to play on their own, get their own snacks, help around the house, and with younger siblings. Yet, are still young enough to want to cuddle with their parents, and say "I love you" unabashedly. The kind of sweet spot… Read More

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Alison Profile PictureI'm Alison and I pretend to be a writer. I'm really a mother of two boys (with twins on the way), and I thrive on mayhem and chaos. Chocolate helps too. Want to know more?

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