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I wrote about the pain of ordering coffee in Malaysia, back in 2011. I'm bringing this post back because it's still true, it's funny, and it's a slice of life story that needs to be told.  ******************************************************* I don't go to Starbucks anymore (well, I did when the twins were in NICU, what with all… Read More

Nothing. Or Everything? Thumbnail

There are no medals on trophies on the mantel (not that we have a mantel). No plaques or blue ribbons (or ribbons of any kind). No book spines with my name on it, and nary a byline in print. No titles like M.D., PhD, or whatever else is out there. No accolades or recognized accomplishments… Read More

20 Blog Posts I Will Never Write Thumbnail

This post was inspired by Alexandra's Titles of Posts I Will Never Be Able To Write A Body For. Cupcakes Are Bad For You 10 Glitter Crafts You'll Love! 5 Favorite Artichoke Recipes 50 Ways I Love 50 Shades of Gray I Know It All, Trust Me How To Move From Blogger To WordPress How… Read More

I Don’t Do It All Thumbnail

I feel like a fraud whenever someone says to me, wow, you're such a supermom, four kids under the age of five, blogging, writing, all the social media-ing - how do you do it? You are amazing! I am not amazing. I am an ordinary human being, who is incredibly blessed. I have help and… Read More

There Was No Wedding

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There Was No Wedding Thumbnail

Most girls dream of their wedding day. The perfect man, the perfect dress, the perfect venue, the perfect cake, the perfect first dance, the perfect day. I am not most girls. I grew up announcing loudly to anyone who would listen that I was "never going to get married or have a wedding, pfffttt." Never… Read More

Mothering Wisdom Thumbnail

Five years into this mothering gig, I've learned things I never thought I would need to, or want to.  Such as ...... I know the difference between what's 'good' poop and what's not. A great gag reflex is necessary. I can tell when it's "I am hungry" crying versus "I am pissed off at you because you… Read More


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One of my earliest memories is that of me falling onto the dog. We called him Raffy, our toddlerspeak twisting his real name, Rufus. He was black, with patches of white and light brown on his legs and face. A gentler soul could not be found. But on this morning, when two year old me… Read More

Lost Gems

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Lost Gems Thumbnail

I remember the dark green jade bracelet around my right wrist - heavy, cumbersome on my 10 year old wrist. I remember tripping,  falling, and my bracelet hitting the ground, a loud thud, and it breaks into three pieces. I remember relief.  There was that gold charm bracelet my mother bought me. I was 13… Read More

5 Random Things About Me Thumbnail

It wasn't that long ago that I started blogging, but even back in early 2011, blog commenting was the rage, Pinterest wasn't a thing yet, we still did linkys properly (not link and run), and we tagged each other a lot in our actual blogs, not adding a @ on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  Alexandra… Read More

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