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Joy quote, Marianne Williamson

As I write this, my heart is full. The kind of full where you feel it so physically, it’s almost hard to breathe. The kind of full where tears spring to my eyes because I’m just so freaking happy and thankful for everything and everyone.  The kind of full where I just want to hug… Read More

Light our own way quote

I am a lot of not-awesome things – I have a temper, I am impatient, I swear at idiot drivers, I am bossy, I am not a great cook, I buy too much crap for the kids, I feed them crap sometimes, I get lazy sometimes and take the easy way out, I say the… Read More

Existential Bummer

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Live life to the fullest quote

Many years ago, my husband and I watched documentaries about the Universe, how it came to be, how big it all is, and the one thing that stayed with me was how tiny I felt, like I am merely a speck in this existence. It struck me that life is truly short, if you think… Read More

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