The thing about taking over 600 photographs on your camera, and another 100 on your phone over the course of 11 days, is that inevitably, some will never see the light of day. Even when they deserve to be.  When the light is just right, and the beauty of nature is undeniable, and you think… Read More

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There are a bunch of things in my head right now that are too many characters for Twitter, but not enough for a real blog post. So lucky you, you get to read what’s on my mind! ______________________________________________________________ My little one, my baby boy, he’s going to play school five days a week now, for… Read More

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Every time I sit down to write about my youngest, I fail.  When I want to tell you about the newest milestone, he goes off and does something completely new, and I’m left in his dust (and scrambling for words). This season of our lives is whizzing by us. He is in such a hurry… Read More

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“Use your words, Monkey. Tell me what you want. Hand tugging does not work anymore,” I say for the umpteenth time. My 3 year old obliges me. He tells me what snack he wants. 5 minutes later, I find myself repeating, “Use your words. USE your words.” It struck me later that I need to… Read More

3 month old baby

  The baby and I have been spending a lot of one-on-one time together. The toddler has been staying with his grandparents for over a week now (that’s a blog post on its own – suffice to say, he is there on his own accord and they love having him there). I feel a little… Read More

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  I am blessed. I have a good life. I have the privilege of staying home with my boys. I am also very lucky to have in-laws who live nearby who love their grandkids and who’ll have them both for a couple of hours occasionally, leaving this Mama some precious¬†free time. Free in the sense… Read More

These two people make my heart explode every single day. (yes, sometimes, my head, too) Linking this with Julie and Greta!   Memories Captured is back!! Link up here¬†with Galit and I from July 16 – 20 for a chance to win 50 Classic Stock business cards from moo! We can’t wait to see what… Read More

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