….. of laptops, that is. Yes, I have managed to kill the beautiful MacBook Air I was given to use AFTER my old Dell died a watery death earlier this year. Yes, I spilled a drink all over it (and posted a picture of it on Instagr.am, with rice all over the keyboard) and now… Read More

Dear Husband, Remember when… ¬†We had lunch at this amazing fish and chip place in Noosa, Queensland, Australia in 2005? (our first vacation together to Australia!)   We declared these pancakes the best in the world, and Coco’s in Perth became our go-to breakfast place whenever we went back to Australia? (and ohmygoodness, the scrambled… Read More

My husband’s a pretty funny guy. It’s why I married him. Well, of course I married him for his good looks first. Kidding. Sort of. He’s also all kinds of helpful with the kids, so there’s that. Oh, he also gets me cake, cupcakes, chocolate, ice-cream. You get the idea. What is most awesome about… Read More

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