Neat freak

Everything is just so. In their place, lined up, stacked neatly, nothing askew.  The beds are made the way they're supposed to be made (my way). The children's play area is organized in a fashion that makes sense (to me). There is nothing on the coffee table (except for pen marks, thanks toddler). Remote controls… Read More

Elbert Hubbard quote

Midnight: Ragtag family tumble into musty-smelling apartment. Children are far too hyper for this hour. Children are really, really happy to be home.  12.05 am: Open one bag and give up because, too tired. Children are still running rampant. 12.10 am: Pick self up off floor, grab clean PJs for kids and not bother with… Read More

Universal Laws

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quote, universal law

Sometimes, I fantasize about being the Master of the Universe. Because if I was, these would be my Universal Laws, for the good of mankind (and our sanity). Totally Reasonable Universal Laws Mothers cannot get sick when the children are. We should not get any pimples after the age of 15. Toast should never burn… Read More

My motherhood report card

Some magazine decided it'd be fun to 'rate' celebrity mothers (thanks Mommy Shorts for your post) - like, a B+ for eating your own placenta, or a D for refusing kids carbs (did I hear someone say Gwyneth? Why yes, you'd be right). Instead of ranting and raving about how stupid that is (because it… Read More

Quote about distraction

It's Monday morning, I need to write my blog post! Okay: one at school, the other is napping. Perfect. Let's start. Wait, need a cup of tea. Mug, water boiling, tea bag. Pour water. Brew. Huh, empty coffee cup in the sink. Wash. Wait, need to refill dishwasher liquid. Okay. Done. Gah, need to take… Read More

Friendship quote

Dear Future Blog Friend, Thank you for taking the time, twice a week, to read my little essays about parenting, blogging and well, me. If you're a commenter, I thank you with the love for a thousand cupcakes (and if you know me - which you will once you start reading the blog regularly -… Read More

I Write This Blog

Alison Profile PictureI'm Alison and I pretend to be a writer. I'm really a mother of two boys (with twins on the way), and I thrive on mayhem and chaos. Chocolate helps too. Want to know more?

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