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Exes. I have so many. Some I still think about, others, I can barely remember their last name. The ones I met in my early years, then school and college, and many in my early days of working life. Some made an impact on my life, both positively and negatively, many, like passing ships in… Read More

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Dear Future Blog Friend, Thank you for taking the time, twice a week, to read my little essays about parenting, blogging and well, me. If you’re a commenter, I thank you with the love for a thousand cupcakes (and if you know me – which you will once you start reading the blog regularly –… Read More

  Source: via Alison on Pinterest   I felt his chest heaving, his sobs turning into big gasps as he filled his lungs again with air, after five solid minutes of crying. Then he giggled as a baby does, loud and without inhibitions (and makes you curl your toes, it’s just so cute), as… Read More


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A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same. ~ Elbert Hubbard You, the one who has seen me at my best and worst, and still stuck around. You, the one who I’ve partied with, shared a house with, cooked with, ate with, went on a crazy one-day road trip with… Read More

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