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When my husband and I first started talking about going somewhere in January, somewhere further (and not Australia), places like Italy and Spain came up. Then I said, “What do you think about France?”  “What’s in France?” “Well, lots of things! (my friend, Jennie, for example, I whispered in my head) “Is Paris family-friendly?” “I’m… Read More


One of the best things that came out of my time with SITS, was meeting many amazing and interesting bloggers. I came by Tamara’s blog, Tamara Like Camera, and immediately fell hard for her writing, and stunning photography (hello, professional photographer!). I’ve watched as she grew her blog phenomenally over the past year, and it’s… Read More

Enough is abundance to the wise quote

In a week that has been full of abundance for me, there have been a few friends who have suffered deep losses. I want to take a moment here to acknowledge them, their loved ones, their strength, and I know that their life abundance will somehow shore them up through this difficult time.  ********************** My… Read More

Mother Teresa quote

A few weeks ago, I had an idea to start a new series here, called Fangirl Friday, where I’ll share with you my favorite blog posts, Facebook updates, tweets, and Pins from around the blogosphere. I even made a button and all. It did not happen. The first few times I tried to get it… Read More

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Alison Profile PictureI'm Alison. Writer, a mother of four (two boys and boy/ girl twins), social media enthusiast and book lover. A believer in the power of chocolate and hugs. Chugging coffee as I type. Want to know more?

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