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A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about vaccinations here, and it was republished on Scary Mommy. When I wrote it, I expected some backlash. Not much, since my readership here is small and cozy. When I pitched it to Jill at Scary Mommy at a suggestion of a friend, I didn't hesitate though… Read More

My Story

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This time of the year is one of my favourite and least favourite - yes, it's blogging conference season when people get to meet each other face to face, old friends reconnect, new friends are made, blogging mojo is restored, and photos are abundant on social media.  This is the fourth consecutive year I've missed… Read More

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...... but not the blog.  The reason I started blogging has nothing to do with why I still write. I didn't start a blog because I wanted to capture memories, hone my writing, get paid for it, or meet people. But that's what happened. The unexpected (to me) outcome of starting a blog is the… Read More

Three Years

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You know you've been blogging for a while when you realize that you missed a blogging anniversary, by two weeks no less. Especially when you look back and see how you celebrated your first two anniversaries (giveaways, linkups, excited announcements, OMG-ing). Three years does not seem like a long time in the blogging world, because… Read More

We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect

I still find it hard to call myself a writer, or introduce myself as one. But it's nice when other people consider me one. So when I was recently invited to participate in an Blog Author Tour about my writing process by Jessica Smock of School of Smock, I was surprised and flattered.  I first… Read More

Alison and Jennie

When my husband and I first started talking about going somewhere in January, somewhere further (and not Australia), places like Italy and Spain came up. Then I said, "What do you think about France?"  "What's in France?" "Well, lots of things! (my friend, Jennie, for example, I whispered in my head) "Is Paris family-friendly?" "I'm… Read More

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Alison Profile PictureI'm Alison. Writer, a mother of four (two boys and boy/ girl twins), social media enthusiast and book lover. A believer in the power of chocolate and hugs. Chugging coffee as I type. Want to know more?

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