I’m Giving Up Blogging

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…… but not the blog. 

The reason I started blogging has nothing to do with why I still write. I didn’t start a blog because I wanted to capture memories, hone my writing, get paid for it, or meet people. But that’s what happened. The unexpected (to me) outcome of starting a blog is the realisation that I DO want to write, and it’s the reason I continue to do so. 

In the three years since I started blogging, I have spent countless hours on social media, on looking at my blog statistics, on stressing over numbers, on figuring out how to squelch my envy of other bloggers’ successes, on how to move my blog to a better place. This is a normal cycle of things in the blogging world. Everyone looks at their statistics, and think about how dismal they are (even if they’re not). Everyone (at some point) wonders why they keep blogging. Not everyone carries on. Many give up their blog, and some continue writing in their private journals. They have stopped giving the world their words.

By giving up blogging, I am not giving up the blog. I am not giving up writing. I am giving up trying to be more of a blogger than a writer. I am giving up trying to ‘grow’ the blog, or take it to ‘the next level’. I am giving up worrying about page views, number of comments, or how many Facebook fans I have. I am giving up trying to figure out SEO. I am giving up trying to master all the ‘rules’ of blogging and social media. 

I am not giving up learning about writing. I am not giving up reading amazing blogs written by amazing writers. I am not giving up my pursuit of this thing I love. I am not giving up freelance writing, or my pursuit for paid writing opportunities. I am not giving up capturing memories. I am still going to submit my writing everywhere, and try not to cry over every rejection. I am still going to hone this craft. I am still going to give the world my words on this blog (and hopefully, other places). 

My dear friend and amazing writer, Sarah of Little White Whale summed it up just so: Master the craft, rather than serve the blog.

John Green quote

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Alison Lee is a former PR and marketing professional turned work-at-home mother. After a 10-year career in various PR agencies, and of the world’s biggest sports brands, Alison traded in product launches and world travel, for sippy cups, diapers, and breastfeeding. Alison's writing has been featured on Mamalode, On Parenting at The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, Everyday Family, Scary Mommy, and DrGreene.com. She is one of 35 essayists in the anthology, My Other Ex: Women’s True Stories of Leaving and Losing Friends. In 2012, she founded Little Love Media, a social media consultancy specializing in blog book tours, and because she doesn’t sleep, is an editor at BonBon Break, an online magazine. Alison lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with her husband and four children (two boys and boy/ girl twins).

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  • April 23, 2014 Tonya

    I love this. Every word and I agree… It always has been my way, not to worry about the page views and numbers, to write when I feel like it, to grow my writing, not my blogging. I’m proud of you and I wish more bloggers felt/thought this way. Everyone has an amazing story to tell. Tell it!!
    Tonya recently wrote…Side By SideMy Profile

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      I think more and more of us are coming round to your (and now my) way of thinking, Tonya. πŸ™‚

  • April 23, 2014 Mytwicebakedpotato

    Good thoughts to consider and a great reminder that we can’t be everything to everybody! There are times where blogging serves me well ( supportive tribe, bright readers with great suggestions, and a way to educate others about twice-exceptional kids) and then others where it feels overwhelming. For me, at this moment, the good outweighs the bad πŸ™‚
    Mytwicebakedpotato recently wrote…So…How Is It?My Profile

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      I definitely appreciate all that I’ve gained from actual blogging/ social media efforts. I just don’t want to get lost in that and forget why I write. πŸ™‚

  • April 23, 2014 Estelle

    Alison, I completely understand where you are coming from. I am focusing my energy on my writing as well and getting paid opportunities, and will stop trying to grow my blog. I wish you every success on your journey!
    Estelle recently wrote…Giveaway for The Happy’s Pet: The Hot New ToyMy Profile

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      And good luck with yours, Estelle!

  • April 23, 2014 Elaine A.

    I think a lot of are changing our focus. We have to since the blogging/online world is changing too. If we do not well then… we’ll continue to get frustrated with those things you listed above, concentrating on them too much.

    I write because it’s a want and a need for me. It just so happens that I especially love doing it on a blog.

    I like your new philosophy on it all and I really adore Sarah’s words…

    Elaine A. recently wrote…Easter EaseMy Profile

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      Same here, it just so happens that I have a blog, so I write here. I like my new philosophy too.

  • April 23, 2014 The Bride

    I gasped when I saw your post title because I’d just discovered and begun loving your blog. But whew, you’re not going away.

    I’ve been blogging since 2005 and I don’t really care to ‘grow’ the blog, though I’ve received some requests. I don’t want to because I feel I would then have to change my writing to fit a focus. Also, I had a brief experience of huge traffic to my blog and I didn’t like it because I got comments from people who didn’t know where I was coming from. I love my small pool of dedicated readers and commenters. Sometimes low-key is not a bad thing…but probably only if you don’t want to make a career of blogging.
    The Bride recently wrote…Long weekend happyMy Profile

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      Low-key is absolutely not a bad thing. I love that all the efforts I put in earlier to the blog paid off – I wouldn’t have met the people I have, or received the opportunities I did. But I’m at a good place now without making the kinds of efforts I used to, so I want to just stay here and write. Sounds like you’re in a good place!

  • April 23, 2014 bluecottonmemory

    I have a mission statement about my blog – that keeps me focused. I don’t twitter – but I do like the friendships that come from the blogahood – women encouraging women, praying for them – it can be a sweet place. I don’t want to spend my time playing readership games. That distracts from the important stuff:) Wishing you much blessing as you dig into the heart of writing!
    bluecottonmemory recently wrote…change comes quietlyMy Profile

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      I love all the people I’ve met too, and I’m in a good place finally, without worrying about all the other stuff. So I’m glad!

  • April 23, 2014 Geraldine

    I love your blog! As long as you keep writing, I’ll keep reading. πŸ™‚

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      Thank you very much, Geraldine!

  • April 23, 2014 Louise

    I have to say I was shocked!! But I get what you doing! It’s what I do…. I’d like to make enough money to cover my hosting cost but I’m not to pushed by the whole earning thing! Your blog was the first one I started to follow and I’d miss it if you stopped writing!!!
    Louise recently wrote…5 Things Friday! Co-Host OpportunityMy Profile

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      Well, I’m not going anywhere. πŸ™‚ And thank you, Louise.

  • April 23, 2014 Allie

    I’ve been seeing this trend lately – lots of my favorite bloggers either quitting or contemplating quitting. What gives?? Maybe it’s Spring? Maybe it’s those amazing lives your creating everyday? Whatever the reason, I’m relived you’re not completing going away but just kind of letting go! Bravo to you!
    Allie recently wrote…Why?My Profile

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      Well, I’m not quitting, Allie! I’m just going to focus on what’s important to me right now.

  • April 23, 2014 Tamara (like) Camera

    And I’m so very glad it isn’t ballet dancing. (I’m not very good at discipline unless it’s writing)
    I am with you – I never check stats, actually. I do somewhat wonder when I could be discovered as the next big thing, but maybe we all do that at some point. And I’m also pretty happy with the way things are, actually.
    And I get to “meet’ people like you.
    Tamara (like) Camera recently wrote…My Photography Process.My Profile

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      I think you’re pretty much a superstar, Tamara, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

  • April 23, 2014 Shannon

    That last paragraph about what you are not giving up? I feel every word of that. I love the writing part, the reading part, the commenting part of blogging. The rest gives me a bit of a headache. Accepting that is a sort of self discovery – an aha! moment. I’m glad you will still be around in whatever way you choose to be.
    Shannon recently wrote…Thank You, ErmaMy Profile

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      It was definitely an aha moment, Shannon!

  • April 23, 2014 vanita

    you go on with your bad self girlfriend! love that you’re taking a stand to do what you want. i’ve been dying to go write on the old personal blog. ust write. share my thoughts, my views, stuff that i love. so little time…
    vanita recently wrote…BB 008: Mia Wengen On Crushing It With Tap InfluenceMy Profile

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      When you have the time, I think you should. I miss you!

  • April 23, 2014 Kathy Radigan

    I love this and totally agree. I have been working on letting go of the results and just working on writing the best post I can and enjoy reading all the amazing blogs that are out there. I will admit though that I do occasionally check my stats and numbers, but it’s progress not perfection! Lol!
    Kathy Radigan recently wrote…Down the Rabbit Hole AgainMy Profile

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      Eh, I would never judge someone for checking their stats occasionally πŸ™‚

  • April 23, 2014 Ma. Teresa Grech Q. Racal

    I so love this post. As someone who is new in the blogging world I do sometimes get worried about page reviews and all. I almost gave up on blogging per se. But after reading this I have to learn to love BLOGGING cause it is what I love to do. Share my stories as a stay at home mom of 3 girls. I always look forward to your post.
    Ma. Teresa Grech Q. Racal recently wrote…The Big 4-0My Profile

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      Keep doing what you love, and you can’t go wrong.

  • April 23, 2014 Julia

    I think that is a great mindset to have and one that I need to have for my own blog. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in stats and seo and “growing” the blog.
    Julia recently wrote…5 Favorite Vegetarian RecipesMy Profile

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      It is easy, and I think it’s natural for blogger to go through it.

  • April 23, 2014 Colleen

    It’s so freeing to come to this place right? I decided last year I was letting go of all that pressure too. It has been so so awesome. The realization for me was that if I kept pace and devoted so much of my efforts to “growing” the blog and all the social media rules then I actually had no life to write about lol Anyway, welcome to the stress-free table. I’m glad you are here! Cheers!
    Colleen recently wrote…I Can Smile at the Old DaysMy Profile

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      Thank you for the welcome, it’s good to be here!

  • April 23, 2014 Natalie

    Preach on sista! You are a great writer and love that is your focus not “blogging.” Blogging has changed so much since we started and became so much work. It should be a place you enjoy not a place of stress. Or that’s what I tell myself πŸ™‚
    Natalie recently wrote…Some Weeks Call for a BreatherMy Profile

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      Yeah, it’s definitely getting to be work, and I don’t enjoy that. Just going back to where I started, where we started, that’s all I want.

  • April 23, 2014 AlwaysARedhead

    I agree completely with you. Happy writing.
    AlwaysARedhead recently wrote…1600 kilometres and karmaMy Profile

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      Thank you, happy writing to you too!

  • April 23, 2014 Felicia

    I’m right there with you, Alison! I think worrying about the numbers is part of why I quit my old blog, but I’m certainly taking a different path with my photoblog. I’ve stopped looking at the numbers almost completely. I’ve given up on SEO all-together because it doesn’t make sense and changes more than I change my socks. I’m much happier that way and it gives me more time to concentrate on connecting with other bloggers and making stronger connections with them. πŸ™‚
    Felicia recently wrote…#AtoZChallenge: T is for TearMy Profile

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      Exactly. Letting go of all the stressful, very work-like stuff has allowed me to truly get back to what I love.

  • April 23, 2014 Kerstin

    Heart attack and back in 5 seconds.
    Yay for changing your focus and yay yay for you not quitting the blog.
    My prediction – it will grow from here, because you will focus only on what matters.
    Kerstin recently wrote…How to survive a vacation with a tween and a teenMy Profile

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      Sorry for the momentary heart attack πŸ™‚
      Whether the blog grows or not, well, don’t really care now. If it does, it does!

  • April 23, 2014 melissa

    Before my third was born I wanted to start making something out of my blog. Once he was born…not so much. It’s just not for me. I would rather just write and not worry about anything else.

    But I gotta say that title made me go “WHAT?! NO!” Then I read the post…thank god!
    melissa recently wrote…Finding my wayMy Profile

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      Hah, sorry for the fright. πŸ™‚
      Yes, just write, and be happy!

  • April 23, 2014 Onica {MommyFactor}

    I get it. I totally do and wish I could do the same thing asap! Instead I’m slowly phasing out the “blog biz” demands. Hoping by end of the year to be in a better place.
    Onica {MommyFactor} recently wrote…Adding “Being Sick” To My To-Do-List?My Profile

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      Good luck to you, Onica!

  • April 23, 2014 AwesomelyOZ

    Love John Green. It’s true if you get sucked in this world it takes over your life. I don’t care for SEO or numbers – as long as people visit and interact with me it gives me a purpose. It makes me happy, tis all. I enjoy the process even if I’m rushing at midnight the night before to schedule my post. Enjoy being a liberated blogger πŸ™‚ Happy Hump Day Alison πŸ™‚ -Iva
    AwesomelyOZ recently wrote…GTFO: Riding the Theta WaveMy Profile

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      Sounds like you’re in the best place, Iva!

  • April 23, 2014 Amy

    I think the writing alone is time-consuming enough. I don’t understand how people find the time or energy for all the other stuff. I hope this allows you to do more of what you love!
    Amy recently wrote…How to make an impressionMy Profile

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      It already has, Amy! Thank you.

  • April 23, 2014 John (Daddy Runs a Lot)

    I learned that a long, long time ago . . . when I had a “blog first” attitude, well, writing a blog post was downright stressful. Now, the blog is a silly, happy thing that I do.
    John (Daddy Runs a Lot) recently wrote…Where bananas flood my youthful memoriesMy Profile

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      And you do it very well, John!

  • April 23, 2014 julie gardner

    Oh my goodness, yes.
    I gave up blogging the day I started.


    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      You are the best writer, Julie. xoxo

  • April 23, 2014 Kir

    you’re ahead of the curve again..right there in the place where things make sense.
    I applaud your choice and know it’s a sound one. A good one. A healthy one and an inspiring one because it frees you to WRITE.
    Which, BTW, is the reason, we come here to your space in the first place. To read the words you give us.

    once you’re awesome ahead of your time.
    Kir recently wrote…Enter At Your Own Risk {Gargleblaster: Yeah Write}My Profile

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      Oh my friend, you always have the right words. Somehow, I don’t feel like I’m ahead of the curve in this aspect though. I feel like I’ve come to it a little later than I should have. But it doesn’t matter. I’m here now. xo

  • April 23, 2014 Rebecca

    There’s this Bob Dylan song called “Tangled Up In Blue” and there’s a particular stanza that reminds me of this post:

    “And every one of them words rang true
    And glowed like burnin’ coal
    Pourin’ off of every page
    Like it was written in my soul from me to you
    Tangled up in blue”

    I love the realization that being a writer takes priority over being a blogger because being the best writer you can be is more rewarding than any stat or traffic a sponsored post can bring you. I feel your message in my core, LOVE IT.
    Rebecca recently wrote…Forever Spring BreakingMy Profile

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      Rebecca, thank you! And thank you for sharing that stanza, beautiful.

  • April 23, 2014 Rorybore

    Ok – first, and breathe – because you’re not totally leaving us πŸ™‚

    And second – yeah for you!
    I am personally happy to have more on the side I’ve always been on which I call “no, I don’t actually have to join all the Sites and be On The Twit all the hours or pinning All the things to grow my blog.” I just want to write what I want to write. I want to join the memes of my interesting and inspiring fellow writers. Share and exchange ideas. A great picture. I don’t care if 3000 people retweet or pin it. that’s never been the point.

    I am almost did quit myself – well, actually I did for a year — because it was starting to feel more like a big ole high school popularity contest. And while I may have done well with that in actual high school, I didn’t want my “safe place” where my words are set free to be subject to it. You have a great gift for words. And for saying what strikes in the heart of many women and mothers: just go with that and we will always come back for more. πŸ™‚
    Rorybore recently wrote…WW: BeginningsMy Profile

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      It’s always hard when it starts feeling like a popularity thing, doesn’t it? I’m glad you came back to it with a new great attitude!

  • April 23, 2014 Nicole

    As always, I love your honesty! Can I join the ‘quitting-blogging-but-not-the-blog’ club? Because I’m right there with you! As much as I love the writing, the friendships, and the opportunities, I’ve come to realize that ‘blogging’ can be a full time job, and I’ve already got one full time job and a growing family to juggle. I won’t stop writing or connecting, but I’m going to spend less time worrying about social media, site stats, and promotion. I truly believe if I keep writing (well), the opportunities will come and the connections will thrive.

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      You’re absolutely right, they will come! Go with your badass self, Nicole! πŸ™‚

  • April 23, 2014 Shell

    I think this is the best attitude to have. I started blogging just as an online journal, with no clue that there was this whole community out there or ways to make money from it. I’ve loved the community and appreciated money made, but it’s so important to keep writing just for myself. Otherwise, I’d end up hating it and quitting.
    Shell recently wrote…Pour Your Heart OutMy Profile

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      Yes, exactly. I don’t want to get to the point of hating this. Because I love the writing.

  • April 23, 2014 Kari

    Yes, yes, yes!!!!
    I liken this to the mission statement in Jerry Maguire.
    I want to be your Renee Zellweger.
    I swear that sounded less stalkerish in my head.
    Kari recently wrote…American Blogger? More Like AmeriCAN’T Blogger. That Made No Sense.My Profile

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      Hah! Not stalkerish at all, Kari. πŸ™‚

  • April 24, 2014 alexandra

    I love Sarah, too. She is such a grounder.

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      She is! I’m so lucky she wants me as a friend.

  • April 24, 2014 Brandy

    Good for you! This is what I need to do. I go in spurts. Sometimes I get too caught up in the numbers (my numbers are very very small) and in what other bloggers are doing. I really need to remember why I started blogging in the first place – to write and be creative.
    Brandy recently wrote…The Ultimate Blog Party 2014 #UBP14My Profile

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      It’s normal to get caught up, Brandy!
      As long as you go back to why you started, you will be okay. πŸ™‚

  • April 24, 2014 Carolyn Y

    Yes, this is what is up with me. I had an “unconscious uncoupling” with my blog. I’ll come back to it, in a bit, but I need the time I used to put into it for our recent move and live life. Plus, I want something new, design maybe?
    Carolyn Y recently wrote…Failing At Getting It All DoneMy Profile

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      Good use of the term, Carolyn πŸ™‚
      I actually love my blog more because of my new design. Maybe that’s just what you need to get you back to writing.

  • April 24, 2014 Melissa {Blog Clarity}

    I totally hear this! I did this with my personal blog a while back. I post when I want and what I want. I rarely look at stats and I KNOW there are things to update on the design, but I just don’t care. πŸ™‚ I use Evernote to capture a lot of things that I don’t feel like finessing into a blog post, but still want to remember. Works for me! Good luck on this new, freer you!
    Melissa {Blog Clarity} recently wrote…10-Minute Touch Up: The Five-Word Branding TestMy Profile

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      Thank you, Melissa! It sounds to me like you’re in a good place with your personal blog AND Blog Clarity!

  • April 24, 2014 Mrs. Pancakes

    i love the last quote because it is so true. it’s all about the craft and the relationships that are generated that are wonderful and not all the other stuff because in the end that’s all it is…stuff!

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      That’s right, it’s all just that, stuff!

  • April 24, 2014 Kimberly

    I don’t get it. I’m having a blonde moment but I am not legitimately blonde. Not that all blondes are stupid just like not all gingers have no souls.
    So are you saying that you’re “writing to write” or “writing not to gain numbers” or “not blogging at all” or “Let’s mind screw kim”
    Throw a blonde a bone xox
    Kimberly recently wrote…Not Your Typical Easter SapMy Profile

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      Hah! Silly girl. Love you. xoxo

  • April 24, 2014 Emily

    I feel you on this- it can be so draining to worry about SEO and views and I think it gets in the way of me writing and sharing truly, fully in daily life. But, for what it’s worth, I always look forward to your posts and I’m glad you’re not quitting the blog!
    Emily recently wrote…currently: celebrating twoMy Profile

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      I appreciate the support, Emily!

  • April 24, 2014 Christine

    OK, when I first saw the title of this post, I was totally worried because I love reading your words. Then I read the first line and breathed a sigh of relief. But also because I’m so glad that I’m not the only one feeling this way. I think that I’ve been questioning why I blog most of this year and I realized that I’m really tired of trying to do all the right “bloggy” things and worry about growing the blog. I’ve gained so much from blogging like you mentioned and I don’t want to lose all of that because I’m tired of all the other crap.
    Christine recently wrote…Paddling for PositionMy Profile

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      The ‘right’ bloggy things – it’s just an endless stream of things, isn’t it? It just takes away from what matters and why we blog in the first place. I’m just going to leave the bloggy things to people who truly care about those things.

  • April 24, 2014 Jessica

    Cheers to that! You know I can relate on this, on so many levels. For me, keeping a blog is so much more fun when you let go of the idea that something must be done with it.

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      I definitely feel freer, and I know I’ll have more fun with this and just writing!

  • April 24, 2014 Lisa

    I so get this and I am getting pretty close to giving up blogging myself – not writing, just blogging. I have been feeling like a gerbil on a wheel – frantically running and getting nowhere. For what?? I admire your attitude about it and I currently find myself trying to get to similar place.
    Lisa recently wrote…My Favorite Candy! {Tuesday Ten Linkup}My Profile

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      It starts with just accepting that doing all those things isn’t what you enjoy about blogging, and just deciding to focus on what you do love. Everything else will fall into place. Good luck, Lisa!

  • April 24, 2014 Nina

    That is EXACTLY the conclusion I came to after my first (and only one day) blog conference (by SITS). I have no interest in working with brands, etc. I just don’t want to answer to anyone but myself and the few editors I work with at the writing gigs I have. I do love the blogging community though and I’m proud to be part of it. SO glad you wrote this post so I can just link to it and just say “THIS.” πŸ™‚
    Nina recently wrote…Where We Are FromMy Profile

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      I am definitely appreciative of all the friends I’ve met, and my community of readers here and on Facebook. I wouldn’t trade that for anything. I’m glad that my earlier efforts (before I started resenting them as ‘bloggy things’) have brought me so much. But I’m in a good place now, I don’t feel like I need to do all that. I also realized I don’t want to work with brands or write sponsored posts, because that’s just ‘not me’. It’s a much happier place to be!

  • April 24, 2014 Katie

    You know I totally agree with this. I am a writer first, a blogger second (or sometimes not at all…like for the nine months I am in school because I barely have time to write, let alone worry about my stats).

    I didn’t know stats were a thing until…sheesh…probably four years into this thing. And I will be in the game for seven this summer. On 7/7. Huh. I just realized that.

    Anyway, bravo for this. I love it and I’m glad you said it!
    Katie recently wrote…building a dreamMy Profile

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      I’ve always admired your ‘I’m a writer first’ attitude, Katie!

  • April 24, 2014 Greta

    I’m proud of you, and am sure it’s a weight off of your shoulders. Wish I could do the same. πŸ™‚
    Greta recently wrote…How I WriteMy Profile

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      It is. And you’ll come to the same place soon, Greta. xo

  • April 24, 2014 Jeanne

    I’m glad you aren’t totally giving up the blog! I have never kept up with the stats on either my former or current blog. And even though I’ve considered doing the social media thing, I decided to keep things light not make more work for myself.
    Jeanne recently wrote…A Traumatic Haircut ExperienceMy Profile

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      Yes, blogging should NOT be work.

  • April 24, 2014 JDaniel4's Mom

    I totally get this. Trying to get the post right on all blogging levels isn’t them same as writing.
    JDaniel4’s Mom recently wrote…Our Spring Break- 2014My Profile

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      It actually TAKES away from the writing. πŸ™‚

  • April 24, 2014 Keely

    JEEBUS, I love this so much. Yes. Because- this. Jeebus.
    Keely recently wrote…A RoundUp. And Rachel (Kinda) Won The Boston Marathon.My Profile

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      And I love you!

  • April 24, 2014 cyndy

    I love the John Green quote. So true.
    It becomes work instead of pleasure when you’re worrying about it too much. I don’t want my blog to be work.

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      Yes, I definitely don’t want this to feel like work!

  • April 24, 2014 Tricia

    I did this exact thing at the beginning of this year and I cannot tell you how much happier it has made me. I feel more like a writer practicing and perfecting her craft now and I spend my time really writing and crafting words and it feels so much more in line with what and who I want to be. Good for you and best of luck with your blogging-not-blogging adventures!
    Tricia recently wrote…Pretty darn perfectMy Profile

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      Thank you, Tricia! It does feel good to just get back to ‘just writing’.

  • April 24, 2014 tracy

    Yep. Exactly. Times they are a changing and we need to also. I love this so much.
    tracy recently wrote…My Writing ProcessMy Profile

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      Yes, yes we do. Love you too!

  • April 24, 2014 sarah reinhart

    I’m so glad I started my blog years back when I did. I really needed it then. I needed that immediacy and instant gratification–just seeing if anyone was interested in what I had to say really tickled me. Times have changed though. It’s good to evolve along with them. I’m back to recording life as I know it on my blog without caring about my reach. Whoever reads it reads it and in the meantime I take a lot of satisfaction in the documentation part. Yes to all of your words here! I’m right there too.

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      Taking satisfaction in the documentation – yes, exactly that. Thank you for your wise words, my friend.

  • April 25, 2014 Roxanne

    I gave up paying attention to page views and the like a long time ago. I’m glad to see that it’s catching on with others. I’ve always been all about the writing, the words, the stories. That’s what I think is important. And I love that you share yours.
    Roxanne recently wrote…Helping a child’s broken heart. {Pour Your Heart Out}My Profile

  • April 25, 2014 Amber

    I understand! I could never figure out SEO either. I’m just sticking to my blogging thing and not worrying about everything else.
    Amber recently wrote…Things That Annoy Me Thursday: Being Told Military Life Is Easy?!My Profile

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      That’s the best attitude to have, Amber!

  • April 25, 2014 Janice

    Whew! For a minute there, I really thought you were giving up blogging! I love this post, it’s everything that should be. I feel this way too!
    Janice recently wrote…Adult FailMy Profile

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      Thank you, Janice!

  • April 26, 2014 Kenya G. Johnson

    Nice post! I get it. When I think about the early days of my blog, I feel like I wasted HOURS and HOURS on being a blogger. It didn’t earn me any real readers. I’ve changed my focus quite a bit in the last year. I used to participate in three or four blogs hops a WEEK. I am enjoying it much better now now. I participate when I want to and don’t feel guilty when I don’t. πŸ˜‰
    Kenya G. Johnson recently wrote…Are We There Yet?My Profile

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      Yes, do what you want to, that’s the best way!

  • As much as I love this post and everything you write, may I please ask to use a different title next time…I nearly got a heart attack!
    But aside from that I can only say: Go You!

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      Thank you, Tinne! Sorry about the near-heart attack πŸ™‚

  • April 27, 2014 My Inner Chick

    —-Your words MATTER, Alison Lee.
    Glad you are not giving up with “words.” NO!
    btw, I have NEVER looked at my stats. Not once.
    I write for myself…I do not want to write for the masses or for popularity.

    LUV u more.
    My Inner Chick recently wrote…How Making S’mores Is like WritingMy Profile

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      You do write for yourself, and it shows. Love you! xoxo

  • April 28, 2014 Jin Ai

    I think you’re already an amazing blogger AND writer. But I do know what you mean about feeling the need to hone the writing craft. I feel the same way.

    Congratulations again on the twins, and I love your new blog look!
    Jin Ai recently wrote…Afternoon Quiet TimeMy Profile

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      Glad you can relate, Jin Ai! And thank you.

  • April 28, 2014 Kim

    I have changed so much over my blogging journey too. To be honest, I really didn’t know much about blogging when I started, so everything was new to me. I have relaxed over time but I still get caught up in thinking that I don’t have enough time, I need to do more, grow more. But I do think about the writing more now and making the post and the words the best I can, rather than just posting for the sake of posting.
    Kim recently wrote…WonderMy Profile

    • April 28, 2014 Alison

      Posting for the sake of posting – yes, exactly! I feel that many bloggers get caught up in that too often. I’m glad you’re writing more and in a way you love, Kim.

  • April 30, 2014 Emmy

    So awesome! I have been blogging for over 5 years now, and yes have gone through that cycle so many times. Every time I start to think about blogging for the sake of blogging (stats, etc), I lose the enjoyment. It is trickily to find that perfect balance as let’s be honest it is nice to get little perks from doing something you like. Blogging really has changed, heck when I started blogging i wasn’t even on Facebook πŸ™‚
    Emmy recently wrote…You Really Do MatterMy Profile

    • May 1, 2014 Alison

      There are definitely perks in paying attention to stats etc, but you’re right, it’s all about balance.

  • April 30, 2014 JD

    Wonderful post. I hear ya. I really do. πŸ™‚

    PS – what plugin do you use for the “check the box if you’re amazing and not a spammer” – I need that!
    JD recently wrote…How to help and support a depressed friend: do’s, don’ts, & resourcesMy Profile

    • May 1, 2014 Alison

      Thank you JD! That’s the G.A.S.P. plugin!

  • This is awesome. So, so good. Thank you for your honesty. I’m so glad that I found you from Shell’s linkup πŸ™‚ Keep trucking, and I can’t wait to see what comes next. ~Jenna // A Mama Collective
    Jenna // A Mama Collective recently wrote…Let’s Make Room for Growth :: 17/52My Profile

    • May 1, 2014 Alison

      Thank you Jenna for your kind words!

  • May 5, 2014 Jennifer

    I’ve been blogging for about seven years but didn’t start really enjoying it until a year ago when I gave up caring about my blog numbers. For many years, I wasted so much time and energy either worrying about how to gain readers or trying to figure out how the “successful” bloggers got to be so popular. I blog because I enjoy writing and it’s helped me become a better writer.

    This is such a great post and a good reminder that it’s okay to make up our own rules for blogging.
    Jennifer recently wrote…Photo JournalMy Profile

    • May 9, 2014 Alison

      It’s so freeing, isn’t it? I’m glad you’ve found a good space to be in.

  • May 9, 2014 Andrea

    I’m giving up blogging too. The thing is that I didn’t even realize that’s what I’m doing until I read this post! You said it so well as usual. xo
    Andrea recently wrote…What Happened Here?My Profile

    • May 9, 2014 Alison

      I think you’re doing amazing, Andrea!

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