Triple Coconut Muffins

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What happens when these three things occur?

1. An inexplicable craving for all things coconut and an abundance of coconut ingredients in the pantry.

2. A window of free time due to the turning off of all social media (thanks BlogHer!), and nap time.

3. I wanted a muffin so bad.

They come together to create……Triple Coconut Muffins.

I bravely tweaked this recipe from Smitten Kitchen, because double coconut just wasn’t going to do it for me, because coconut. Thankfully, it worked out.

Only in the taste department though. These are by far, the ugliest things I’ve baked, no matter which angle I photographed it. I also forgot the coconut flakes on top (because it’s not coconut-y enough, is it?). It’s not Pinterest-worthy (but go on, Pin it anyway), however, they are delicious. You’ll just have to take my word for it. 

Triple Coconut Muffins

Muffins are awesome as a quick, easy breakfast option. Just ask my toddler, he ate a whole one all by himself.

Oh, and why a recipe on a Monday?

Because BlogHer fatigue. 

BlogHer attendees will have just arrived home, hugged their loved ones and flopped on their own beds, bras off, and thanking the powers to be for a safe trip home and a super duper freaking awesome time in Chicago. Just. No. Energy. Easy blog post to read (or Pin!).

Non-BlogHer attendees who just do not want to see another tweet, Instagram photo, Facebook update or blog post about the biggest blogging conference they just had to miss. Again. Food posts are distracting (and easy to Pin!).

I am so considerate. Also, greedy. See below.

Triple coconut muffin

See the moisture in the muffin liner? It was STILL WARM.


Are you hungry yet?

Have a lovely week ahead!

Triple Coconut Muffins
Yields 12
A delicious breakfast option, triple coconut muffins
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Prep Time
20 min
Cook Time
20 min
Total Time
40 min
Prep Time
20 min
Cook Time
20 min
Total Time
40 min
  1. 1/2 cup (110 grams) virgin coconut oil
  2. 3/4 cup (95 grams) all-purpose flour
  3. 1/2 cup (60 grams) whole wheat flour
  4. 1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
  5. 1/4 teaspoon table salt
  6. 1 cup (230 grams) full fat Greek-style yogurt (I used coconut Greek yogurt), at room temperature
  7. 1/3 cup (65 grams) granulated sugar
  8. 1 large egg, at room temperature
  9. 1/2 cup (110 ml) coconut milk
  10. 1 teaspoon (5 ml) vanilla extract
  11. 3/4 cup (90 grams) sweetened shredded coconut, divided
  1. Preheat oven to 375°F. Grease 12 muffin cups with butter or coconut oil, or line them with paper liners (I use silicone muffin liners).
  2. In a small saucepan, warm your coconut oil just until it melts. However, it should still be on the cool side.
  3. In a medium bowl, whisk together the flours, baking powder and salt. Stir in 1/2 cup shredded coconut. In a separate bowl, whisk together egg, sugar, coconut oil, yogurt, coconut milk, and vanilla.
  4. Stir wet ingredients into dry ingredients until just combined, don't overmix. Divide batter among prepared muffin cups, then sprinkle the top with remaining 1/4 cup coconut, about 1 to 2 teaspoons on each.
  5. Bake until a cake tester inserted into the center comes out batter-free, about 20 minutes. Transfer muffins to a rack and let cool.
  1. If the yogurt and egg are not at room temperature, they will re-solidify the coconut oil, which is fine for baking but makes the batter quite thick and difficult to stir, like a cookie batter. It will work out just fine (as you see in my photos), but it’s much easier if you let the ingredients warm up.
  2. Do ahead: Muffins are best on day one, but still delicious and moist for up to 3 days. Store in an airtight container at room temperature.
Adapted from Smitten Kitchen
Adapted from Smitten Kitchen
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  • July 29, 2013 keely

    You are hilarious and awesome and TRIPLE COCONUT?! (Grazie.)
    keely recently wrote…Best Friends You Haven’t Yet Met.My Profile

    • July 29, 2013 Alison

      I am a prisoner of Coconut, what can I say?

  • July 29, 2013 Asianmommy

    Mmmm…these look perfect!
    Asianmommy recently wrote…Asian American Bloggers at BlogHer ’13 in ChicagoMy Profile

    • July 30, 2013 Alison

      They taste perfect, though they could look better. 🙂

  • July 29, 2013 Leah Davidson

    Oh how I love coconut!!! Now I need to figure out how to work chocolate into these muffins:))

    • July 30, 2013 Alison

      Oh Leah. Chocolate would be a marvelous addition. I suggest melting some and swirling them into the batter, after divided.

  • July 29, 2013 Christine

    I have all of these ingredients! I need to make these. I’ve been a wee bit obsessed with coconut lately. And also? You are a genius with this blog post. 🙂
    Christine recently wrote…Double the SweatMy Profile

    • August 1, 2013 Alison

      Did you try it? It’s so awesome. If I can get my hands on coconut flour, I’d do it with and it’d be a quadruple coconut muffin! THAT is genius. 🙂

  • July 29, 2013 Tracie

    Mmmm. Coconut.

    I have this sudden urge to pin coconut muffins. Especially the triple coconut kind.

    I can’t imagine why! 😉
    Tracie recently wrote…Going Green – Recycle Your Old Blog PostsMy Profile

    • August 1, 2013 Alison

      Gosh, I don’t know, Tracie! 🙂

  • July 29, 2013 Michelle

    Nothing like food to make you forget that you weren’t at BlogHer. I’m feeling the same way!! Looks like a yummy recipe!
    Michelle recently wrote…Honored And InspiredMy Profile

    • August 1, 2013 Alison

      It was, Michelle!

  • July 29, 2013 Kim

    Baking – and the consumption of baked goods – is the perfect distraction for us non-BlogHer attendees.
    These look delish!
    Kim recently wrote…How You Love Me?My Profile

    • August 1, 2013 Alison

      Oh, it totally was.

  • July 29, 2013 Ilene

    I need an Alison file in my recipe binder! I love muffins and coconut and love any muffin or bread recipe that has Greek Yogurt it. Yes Please!
    Ilene recently wrote…My Aha Moment from #BlogHer’13: Thank You Sheryl SandbergMy Profile

    • August 1, 2013 Alison

      Hah! That’s so sweet of you, Ilene. I know right, all the ingredients are SO awesome.

  • July 29, 2013 Kristine

    Awww, the second photo is too close I can take a bite. I’m gonna pin this.
    Kristine recently wrote…Choosing the color palette for your blog – 3 sites to help you!My Profile

    • August 1, 2013 Alison

      That’s the idea! And yay, thank you!

  • July 29, 2013 sarah reinhart

    dude, I don’t think they’re ugly at all. I’m a HUGE coconut fan. Huge. Love everything coconut.These look beautiful and delicious. Now I’m gonna have to drag four kids to the store today and round up something coconut. Thanks a lot. Hahah. xx

    • August 1, 2013 Alison

      Hah! It’d be worth it, I promise.

  • Ugly, those… more like droolinducing.
    Tinne from Tantrums and Tomatoes recently wrote…Tantrums and tomatoes, the origin of my blog’s name.My Profile

    • August 1, 2013 Alison

      It induced drool in me for sure. 🙂

  • July 29, 2013 Tamara

    Not ugly at all! Delicious. Fluffy. Mine.
    Tamara recently wrote…The Memory Keepers.My Profile

    • August 2, 2013 Alison

      Too late! They’re all in my belly. 🙂

  • July 29, 2013 Nicole

    These look so delicious! And that photo with the moist muffin liner has me salivating. Seriously, I need these muffins!! Can’t wait to try them.
    Nicole recently wrote…Handful Bra Review & GiveawayMy Profile

    • August 2, 2013 Alison

      I hope you do try them!

  • July 29, 2013 Alexa (katbiggie)

    Who cares if they are ugly, they look amazing to me! I am all about coconut anything! Your pics are great by the way. (And don’t let the title of my most recent post fool you – I was NOT at BlogHer, sniff, sniff, but I was on vacation last week!)
    Alexa (katbiggie) recently wrote…Home Again, Home AgainMy Profile

    • August 2, 2013 Alison

      Thanks Alexa! Hey, we can always try for BlogHer 2014, right?

  • July 29, 2013 The Dose of Reality

    Coconut is not my thing, but these look SO GOOD, I just might have to change my mind. I’m pinning this one right now. This could break my coconut dry spell!! –Lisa
    The Dose of Reality recently wrote…CAPTCHA, I *STILL* WANNA PUNCH YA!My Profile

    • August 2, 2013 Alison

      Lisa, do give them a go. Seriously, coconut!

  • July 29, 2013 karen

    didn’t even think about coconut muffins…OMG…so have to try this…thanks babe…wow…so hungry now.
    karen recently wrote…PHOTO LIST: LIFE WITH A BOYMy Profile

    • August 2, 2013 Alison

      It’s really good, I hope you do try them!

  • July 30, 2013 Kristen Daukas

    Doesn’t coconut in general make life better? It’s tropical. It’s moist. It has the ability to be colored and turned into grass at easter?
    Kristen Daukas recently wrote…Ten Things That Make Your Blog a Hot MessMy Profile

    • August 2, 2013 Alison

      Oh that last one just made me love love love you!

  • July 30, 2013 Greta

    I don’t like coconut, but you’ve fooled me into thinking these look delicious. Kudos!
    Greta recently wrote…Project 365 (Week 30)My Profile

    • August 2, 2013 Alison

      They don’t just look delicious – they ARE! (what, you don’t like coconut?? But why?)

  • July 30, 2013 Andrea

    Did you say coconut? This post made my mouth water just from reading the title. If I could live in a coconut house with my coconut family and coconut dog, I would.

    And I pinned it, too. Yep. Now I have two pins. Pinterest winner!
    Andrea recently wrote…Five ThingsMy Profile

    • August 3, 2013 Alison

      Hahaha! You made me laugh. TWO Pins dude, TWO!

  • July 30, 2013 Julia

    I didn’t go to Blogher so I appreciate the non Blogher post. I made zucchini muffins yesterday that were so good.
    Julia recently wrote…Potty On?My Profile

    • August 3, 2013 Alison

      Mmm yum!

  • July 30, 2013 Jackie

    I love this… absolutely love it! Coconut is one of my favorite things ever.

    Mini chocolate chips would be perfect in these too!
    Jackie recently wrote…Thank You….My Profile

    • August 3, 2013 Alison

      I’m so glad you tried and liked the recipe, Jackie!

  • July 30, 2013 FitBritt

    Oh my goodness! I LOVE coconut! Like love love love! I have to make these right away! 🙂

    • August 3, 2013 Alison

      Did you? I hope you did and you loved them.

  • July 30, 2013 Kathy Radigan

    I love coconut and these sound delicious!!! Thanks! My son and I have been baking every Friday and I think these might be just what’s in order! Thanks again!
    Kathy Radigan recently wrote…The Good MomMy Profile

    • August 3, 2013 Alison

      I hope you did try them with your kids, Kathy!

  • July 30, 2013 Kate

    Mmmmm muffins. I love me a new muffin recipe. I’m a recovering Pinterest addict, but I will print it and pin it into the muffin slot of my recipe box! Thanks!
    Kate recently wrote…Take a Deep BreathMy Profile

    • August 3, 2013 Alison

      Thanks for Pinning, and I do hope you try them!

  • July 30, 2013 My Inner Chick

    Lovely. Yummy.
    Delish Presentation, too, Alison Lee. Xxx
    My Inner Chick recently wrote…Just For The Pure Fun Of ItMy Profile

    • August 3, 2013 Alison

      Thank you sweet friend. I have been working on it. 🙂

  • July 30, 2013 Leslie

    Sounds abso-freaking-lutely delicious! And I think you did a great job of making some pin-worthy photos!
    Leslie recently wrote…{Real Parties} It’s Fun to be One!My Profile

    • August 3, 2013 Alison

      Aw, thanks Leslie, I did try!

  • July 30, 2013 Natalie

    SHOULD NOT BE READING AT 10PM at night! Hungry now!
    Natalie recently wrote…Potty Break…Monster Style!My Profile

    • August 3, 2013 Alison

      Hah! Yeah, food posts should come with a warning. 🙂

  • July 30, 2013 Susi

    Definitely pinning these – I love all things coconut!!! 🙂
    Susi recently wrote…Kids on Broadway – Musical Theater CampMy Profile

    • August 3, 2013 Alison

      Yay, I’m glad and thank you!

  • July 30, 2013 Kimber

    How did you know I love muffins? Thanks for a yummy blog post!
    Kimber recently wrote…Barbecue Chicken QuesadillaMy Profile

    • August 3, 2013 Alison

      Muffins is a crowd favorite!

  • July 30, 2013 MomWithaDot

    Well, now I know what I could bring for you if I need to …..Coconut of course!! Just kiddin’ 🙂 Loved the logic for a recipe on Monday. Seems like an accurate analysis to me!
    MomWithaDot recently wrote…Everything EvergreenMy Profile

    • August 3, 2013 Alison

      Oh I LOVE coconut, so if anyone wants to bring me anything, then yes, coconut is much loved and appreciated 🙂

  • July 30, 2013 Kate

    Triple coconut?! That’s insanity! They look delicious though.
    Kate recently wrote…Travel Tuesday: What it’s like to live on a Greek islandMy Profile

    • August 3, 2013 Alison

      Insanely delicious, yes. 🙂

  • July 30, 2013 Rivki Silver

    Ah, now I am totally hungry. We just moved, though, so I don’t even know where to start with the baking. Of course, now would actually be the perfect time to start with the baking. I shall pin it and revisit when I have the ingredients. Thanks! Yum!
    Rivki Silver recently wrote…How I Packed Up My Whole Life Without Losing My Mind*My Profile

    • August 3, 2013 Alison

      Happy unpacking, and hopefully, baking soon!

  • July 30, 2013 Heather

    I love that you didn’t end up using shredded coconut. I love the flavor but I have a total aversion to the texture and look of it. It reminds me of fingernail clippings….. I would probably make these less healthy and use coconut coffee creamer in them. YUM. Nice recipe, Alison!
    Heather recently wrote…The Truth about Breast FeedingMy Profile

    • August 3, 2013 Alison

      Hah! They do look like nail clippings – gross! I’m glad I didn’t use them on top then. 🙂

  • July 30, 2013 Jeanne

    I don’t eat coconut because of the texture and weird crunch but these look really good. You almost had me when I saw in the ingredients coconut oil and coconut milk. I thought, yes, no real coconut… and then I read further. Oh well. 🙂
    Jeanne recently wrote…Is It Really Stealing?My Profile

    • August 3, 2013 Alison

      You know, you could leave out the shredded coconut and it’d still be yummy and coconut-y enough. 🙂

  • July 31, 2013 Barbara

    Oh my, these look wonderful! I cannot wait to try them out. Yummy.

    • August 3, 2013 Alison

      They are delicious, Barbara!

  • July 31, 2013 Adrienne

    Your recipes are always so creative. These look so good and seem like the perfect treat. Not to sweet. Just right! 😉
    Adrienne recently wrote…3 Ways to Guarantee You Don’t Get OrganizedMy Profile

    • August 3, 2013 Alison

      Aw, thanks Adrienne! All I really did was tweak an already good recipe. 🙂

  • July 31, 2013 Elaine A.

    Salivating over here. Like for reals.
    Elaine A. recently wrote…Udi’s Gluten Free BreakfastMy Profile

    • August 3, 2013 Alison

      Hah! I bet. 😉

  • July 31, 2013 Lady Jennie

    I went about this backwards. I saw this recipe on FB when I didn’t have time to click. And when I was on Pinterest today it reminded me to come back here and pin it. This is the second recipe of yours I have to make STAT!
    Lady Jennie recently wrote…Trolls AnonymousMy Profile

    • August 3, 2013 Alison

      I would be very interested to know how they taste with GF flour!

  • August 3, 2013 Bev

    Mmmm, so much coconut! (And by the way, your pictures are definitely pinworthy, and I’m going to pin this recipe right now because they sound AND look delicious!)

    • August 4, 2013 Alison

      They really were! (and thank you)

  • August 8, 2013 Jessica

    Mmm… muffins.

    (And that was going to be all of my comment but I got a warning saying it was not enough words and I had to type more so here they are).
    Jessica recently wrote…The Troubles With MeMy Profile

    • August 8, 2013 Alison

      Hah! Funny lady.

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