A Tale of Two Americans. Okay, Many Americans

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Once upon a time, there was a stay-at-home mother with a young child who decided to read some blogs.

She got sucked into this one blog and stayed up late reading old posts. This blogger then started something awesome called the Confessional, and this stay-at-home mother/ blog reader may have thought it was the most awesome thing ever and may or may not have made some ‘confessions’.

This stay-at-home mother, so inspired by this blogger, decided to start her own blog.

A couple of months into blogging and doing the blog reading rounds, this newbie blogger stumbled upon a very royal presence in the blogosphere, and shamelessly stalked her blog, falling in love with her words and her heart.

Imagine the newbie’s surprise when this lovely Empress lady returned blog visits, comments and even mentored her. All without asking or expectations of anything in return. She was just being kind to a small blogger.

Yes, that newbie was me.

Yes, the first blog I really read was Jill Smokler’s Scary Mommy.

Yes, the beautiful person who became a dear friend is Alexandra aka the Empress of Good Day, Regular People.

Together, these two American bloggers and mothers have inspired me in countless ways. Both as a writer and as a mother.

Last year, Alexandra encouraged me to submit a post to Jill’s Society section, where she generously features original pieces by bloggers. She even gave me the post idea.

I sat on that idea for A YEAR.

I simply had no confidence that I could write it. Yet, I knew it was to be something I wanted to write.

So time went by and one day, I sat down and wrote it.

When I decided to submit (finally!), I found out that Jill had closed the Society section. Forever.

I sent her the post anyway, since I wrote it for at least ONE Scary Mommy.

If you didn’t know already, Jill is like super awesome. Within 12 hours of my mail, she’d responded, saying she’ll love to publish it, gave me a date and even the post URL.

Isn’t this woman writing a book??? And have 3 children????

Like I said, awesome.

The post  is sort of a love letter/ tribute to my American readers and friends, whom I met through blogging.

Will you go read ‘Hello Americans, I Love You’ at Scary Mommy?

Thank you. So much. This really means a lot to me.

Especially since this is the world’s longest redirect post EVER. I am sorry.

PS: Canadians, I think you are awesome too. 

Tell me what you think!


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