THE Big News

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Last week, I teased you with the fact that I had news. Three things in fact.

Today, I can finally share one of the three things.

The biggest thing.

Friends, I am no longer a stay-at-home mother.

I am now a work-at-home mother.

Meet my third baby, Little Love Media.

People? I am beyond excited. Little Love Media is designed to offer social media consulting services to small businesses. If you’re a freelance photographer, an Etsy store owner, a newly published author, or even a blogger who wants to take her blog further – I’m your gal. Do go read more about my little company here, and check out my carefully (and painstakingly) crafted list of services and price packages here.

For November, I’m offering a 20% discount on all services booked in that month (except Monthly Maintenance Packages)!

So here’s where I’m going to ask a favor of you.

If you have been thinking about elevating your social media presence but don’t have time, can you think of me?

If you have a friend who is a small-business owner who wants to venture into social media to boost her business, can you point her my way?

If you’re awesome at social media already, can you help me pimp Little Love Media out?

I’m so excited. And scared. Mostly excited. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. To finally jump in headfirst is exhilarating and crazy and just right.

Thank you all for your constant and unwavering support of my writing, of my endeavors, of me.

I’d like to give shout outs to my friends Vanita, for giving me some sound business advice, and Kimberly for being so patient and awesome with me as we worked on the website. 

Over the next week or so, I’ll be revealing the other two big things for November. Stay tuned!

Alison Lee is a former PR and marketing professional turned work-at-home mother. After a 10-year career in various PR agencies, and of the world’s biggest sports brands, Alison traded in product launches and world travel, for sippy cups, diapers, and breastfeeding. Alison's writing has been featured on Mamalode, On Parenting at The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, Everyday Family, Scary Mommy, and She is one of 35 essayists in the anthology, My Other Ex: Women’s True Stories of Leaving and Losing Friends. In 2012, she founded Little Love Media, a social media consultancy specializing in blog book tours, and because she doesn’t sleep, is an editor at BonBon Break, an online magazine. Alison lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with her husband and four children (two boys and boy/ girl twins).

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  • October 31, 2012 Laura

    Congrats! I’m super proud of you! You’ll do awesome at this!

    Okay… waiting (not so patiently) for announcements two and three!
    Laura recently wrote…Treats: Pumpkin Butterscotch CookiesMy Profile

    • November 6, 2012 Alison

      Thank you my friend!

  • October 31, 2012 Ginny Marie

    Congratulations on your new business! I wish you every success! 🙂
    Ginny Marie recently wrote…Moonlit PrayersMy Profile

    • November 6, 2012 Alison

      Thank you Ginny Marie!

  • October 31, 2012 Carrie

    Awesome and congrats! And.,.your logo is so darn cute, love it!
    Carrie recently wrote…The Moments Family Vacation Are Made OfMy Profile

    • November 6, 2012 Alison

      Thank you, I drew it out for my designer and she did a great rendition!

  • October 31, 2012 Robin

    Woot!! Fantastic. I’ll for sure recommend you. Yay you!
    Robin recently wrote…Looking Into My Crystal BallMy Profile

    • November 6, 2012 Alison

      Aw, thanks Robin, much appreciated!

  • October 31, 2012 Alma

    Oh my congratulations! You are so great at working with the sociall media this is such a perfect fit for you. I may take you up on your services and I will certainly spread the good news and “pimp” Little Love Media .
    Wait there’s more ? Be still my heart…
    Alma recently wrote…La Boheme : an inspired postMy Profile

    • November 6, 2012 Alison

      I would love to work with you Alma, whenever you’re ready 🙂
      And thank you for the pimping!

  • October 31, 2012 Mrs. Weber

    Very cool! You will be fantastic at this 🙂 Congrats!

    P.S. I LOVE the logo design. Go Kim!
    Mrs. Weber recently wrote…Recipe: Simple Chicken & Avocado SandwichMy Profile

    • November 6, 2012 Alison

      Thank you Lauren!
      I drew the logo by hand and Kim did a great rendition – she’s awesome in bringing vision to life. 🙂

  • October 31, 2012 Kim

    Congratulations, Alison! So exciting – love the name and logo. I wish you the best of luck and can’t wait to hear your next announcements! 🙂
    Kim recently wrote…The First Time…My Profile

    • November 6, 2012 Alison

      Thank you very much, Kim!

  • October 31, 2012 Rach (DonutsMama)

    Congrats! That IS a big announcement!!
    Rach (DonutsMama) recently wrote…Graco SnugRide & Babies R Us Event { And A Giveaway}My Profile

    • November 6, 2012 Alison

      It is, I am quaking in my boots, seriously, I’m so nervous!

  • October 31, 2012 Maureen

    Woohoo congrats Alison! How exciting! All the best in your new endeavor 🙂

    • November 6, 2012 Alison

      Thanks Maureen!

  • October 31, 2012 Tina

    I’m so excited for you, congrats!!
    Tina recently wrote…ThankfulMy Profile

    • November 6, 2012 Alison

      Thanks Tina!

  • October 31, 2012 Julia

    Squee! I am so excited for you! You are so going to rock this. 🙂
    Julia recently wrote…Imperfectly PerfectMy Profile

    • November 6, 2012 Alison

      I sure hope so! (I have to!)

  • October 31, 2012 Anna

    congrats, so awesome!
    Anna recently wrote…31 Days of Halloween: Day 28 – Interrupted by Hurricane SandyMy Profile

    • November 6, 2012 Alison

      Thank you, Anna!

  • October 31, 2012 Katie

    Go YOU!!! So proud to know you and call you a friend!
    Katie recently wrote…loss in wavesMy Profile

    • November 6, 2012 Alison

      Aw, thank you Katie!

  • October 31, 2012 Lauren

    Awesome! I’m sure you’ll rock this as well 🙂

    • November 6, 2012 Alison

      I hope so, because I have to 🙂

  • October 31, 2012 MamaCassie

    Wow! that IS huge! Congratulations Allison! I know ( from experience) that you’ll be great at this! Greatest of luck to you on your new journey! And I will definitely be sending people your way given the opportunity! <3
    MamaCassie recently wrote…1st Birthday Cake Smash SessionMy Profile

    • November 6, 2012 Alison

      Thank you so much for the support Cassie!

  • October 31, 2012 Sue

    Rock star. Wishing you every success! xo
    Sue recently wrote…Guest Post from Because my Life is FascinatingMy Profile

    • November 6, 2012 Alison

      Thank you, Sue!

  • October 31, 2012 Christine

    Oh Alison!! I’m so excited and happy for you!!!!!!!!!!! This is wonderful and so very great.
    Christine recently wrote…Day 1: Epic Road Trip – Hurricane Sandy versionMy Profile

    • November 6, 2012 Alison

      Thank you, Christine!

  • October 31, 2012 tracy

    I love you. You rock my socks off. You are awesome. Also hot. xoxo
    tracy recently wrote…The Real Truth About Tween GirlsMy Profile

    • November 6, 2012 Alison

      I love you too. xoxo
      Hot? Me? Pfffft.

  • October 31, 2012 just JENNIFER

    Well! Congratulations!
    just JENNIFER recently wrote…Bloggy BusinessMy Profile

    • November 6, 2012 Alison

      Thanks Jennifer!

  • October 31, 2012 Kiran

    Congratulations, Alison! This is amazing and it’s so funny after the email I sent to you last week too. Can’t wait to hear the other two pieces of news. But you are right – this is huge!
    Kiran recently wrote…Once Upon a TimeMy Profile

    • November 6, 2012 Alison

      Thank you Kiran!
      (OMG you sent me an email? Why didn’t I get it??)

  • October 31, 2012 Natalie

    yay! So excited for you!!
    Natalie recently wrote…Dragons and Tails and WingsMy Profile

    • November 6, 2012 Alison

      Thank you, I’m pretty excited too!

  • October 31, 2012 Louise Ducote

    Yay, Alison! Congrats! I can’t wait to see where this takes you.

    • November 6, 2012 Alison

      I just need to get somewhere 😉

  • October 31, 2012 Keely

    Are a star.

    A STAR.
    Keely recently wrote…3 Reasons. (Plus 6 More.)My Profile

    • November 6, 2012 Alison

      Does it hurt?
      To be this sweet?

  • October 31, 2012 Susi

    Congrats, Alison. So excited for you. Lots of luck!!! You’ll do great. 🙂
    Susi recently wrote…Happy Halloween {Wordless Wednesday}My Profile

    • November 6, 2012 Alison

      Thank you Susi!

  • October 31, 2012 Kimberly

    Very excited for you! Congrats!

    And thank you for letting me work with you on the design!
    Kimberly recently wrote…Her WrathMy Profile

    • November 6, 2012 Alison

      Thank you, you’ve been awesome!

  • October 31, 2012 My Inner Chick

    C O N G R A T S, Mama!

    You seriously Rockkkkkkkkk. WOW. xx
    My Inner Chick recently wrote…Annie Lamott, Kenya, & My First Blogging CheckMy Profile

    • November 6, 2012 Alison

      Aw, thank you my friend!

  • October 31, 2012 Jenni Chiu

    I have a feeling you will kick some serious ass at this.
    Jenni Chiu recently wrote…Dear Person I used To Admire Online,My Profile

    • November 6, 2012 Alison

      I hope you’re right. 🙂

  • October 31, 2012 Kerstin

    Awesome news!
    Love the logo and the name.
    A great thing to do from home, gotta love the internet!
    I am sure you’ll be successful and loving every minute of it.
    Kerstin recently wrote…Meet the AuersMy Profile

    • November 6, 2012 Alison

      Thank god for the Internet! And thank you!

  • October 31, 2012 Stasha

    I am so excited!! You were born to do this!!! Congratulations xo

    • November 6, 2012 Alison

      Thank you, Stasha. You’ve been so supportive. xo

  • October 31, 2012 Leigh Ann

    How exciting! You will rock it, girl, and we’ll all be here to support you.
    Leigh Ann recently wrote…No sew bat costumes for the super lazyMy Profile

    • November 6, 2012 Alison

      Thank you, Leigh Ann! For the support!

  • October 31, 2012 Tonya

    Good for you, Alison!! This is right up your alley. I love the name and logo too. All the best with your new venture!
    Tonya recently wrote…Call Your MomMy Profile

    • November 6, 2012 Alison

      It IS my cup of tea right? I figure since I already spend so much time online, I may as well make money from it. 🙂

  • October 31, 2012 Ado

    I love the name Litte Love Media! Of course! It sounds just right and of course I’ll spread the word! Go you!

    • November 6, 2012 Alison

      Thank you, you know I’m a big fan of alliteration 🙂

  • October 31, 2012 Katie E

    Congratulations, Alison! You’re the perfect person for this!
    Katie E recently wrote…10 Past Halloween CostumesMy Profile

    • November 6, 2012 Alison

      Thank you Katie, I hope everyone else thinks so too 🙂

  • October 31, 2012 Kimberly

    And here I thought that you were going to say that you’d be the surrogate mother to our baby…kidding…maybe…
    Congrats my friend. That sounds like a wonderful opportunity for you and I know that you’re going to kick ass doing it!
    Kimberly recently wrote…Did Anyone Say Pumpkin?My Profile

    • November 6, 2012 Alison

      Yes, I will!
      I hope so.

  • October 31, 2012 Galit Breen

    So many CONGRATS, girl! I’m over the moon for you!

    {Now go kick some serious tush! :)}

    Galit Breen recently wrote…Running My First 5kMy Profile

    • November 6, 2012 Alison

      Thank you so much my sweet friend!

  • October 31, 2012 Purnima

    This is so exciting!!! Congratulations!!!
    Purnima recently wrote…Guest Post: By Jennifer Burden @ World Moms BlogMy Profile

    • November 6, 2012 Alison

      Thanks Purnima!

  • October 31, 2012 Alexandra

    This is perfect fit: a service people need from someone who is a total geek about it (said in the most praisable way)

    Very excited for you, A.
    Alexandra recently wrote…Red Flags, Cont. He Finds MeMy Profile

    • November 6, 2012 Alison

      Hee! I love being a social media geek.

  • October 31, 2012 Natalie

    This is so awesome! I am so proud of you! Love the look of the site too! This is so exciting! 🙂
    Natalie recently wrote…A Monkey and a Shark Walked into a Bar…My Profile

    • November 6, 2012 Alison

      Thank you, you’re always amazingly supportive. 🙂

  • October 31, 2012 Barbara

    Congratulations!! How exciting!
    Barbara recently wrote…Joyeuse HalloweenMy Profile

    • November 6, 2012 Alison

      Thank you Barbara, it is!

  • October 31, 2012 Kim

    Good for you!! Just love to see moms walking towards and into their dreams!
    Kim recently wrote…12 secrets to deflecting life’s slings and arrowsMy Profile

    • November 6, 2012 Alison

      I’m more lurching and stumbling, than walking, but thank you, Kim!

  • October 31, 2012 Kristin

    Congrats on your newest venture, Alison. Good luck to you! 🙂
    Kristin recently wrote…It’s the Great Pumpkin Carving, Charlie BrownMy Profile

  • November 1, 2012 sarah

    Wow! I think I need your services 🙂 I need a social media/life coach! Wonderful news Alison! This biz is soo you. Congrats!
    sarah recently wrote…the sunday spill–about the light and the heatMy Profile

    • November 7, 2012 Alison

      Anytime, Sarah. Just let me know when you’re ready!

  • November 1, 2012 Elizabeth Kane

    Congrats, Alison! And your website looks fantastic.

    • November 7, 2012 Alison

      Thanks Elizabeth!

  • November 1, 2012 Jessica

    Congratulations!! This is amazing news!! I’m so happy for you and will certainly send any new or potential business your way!!!

    • November 7, 2012 Alison

      Thanks so much, Jessica!

  • November 1, 2012 Nina

    This is SO perfect for you. The website looks great. Love the colors and the logo. I also thinks it’s very clever how the Twitter and other accounts (even the blog tab) connect back here to YOU, the person behind the company. NO need to duplicate efforts or ask people to follow you as two entities. I love this concept. Wishing you the best of luck. Though you won’t need luck as you’re clearly a hard worker with talent and gumption.

    Congrats, Alison!
    Nina recently wrote…Confessions of a Lululemon LemmingMy Profile

    • November 7, 2012 Alison

      Thank you Nina! I did think long and hard about whether I needed more social media accounts, being an SM company, but hey, it’s a one-woman show, and I’m that woman, so why not? 🙂

  • November 1, 2012 julie gardner


    You’ve worked SO very hard hard, you deserve all good things coming your way.

    Wishing you much success with LLM (adorable name, by the way. SO!)
    julie gardner recently wrote…How to Rock a Writer’s ConferenceMy Profile

    • November 7, 2012 Alison

      Thank you, my sweet friend. Truly. xo

  • November 1, 2012 Carolyn

    I will definitely point people your way!
    Carolyn recently wrote…Raising Daughters With High Self-EsteemMy Profile

    • November 7, 2012 Alison

      Thank you, Carolyn!

  • November 1, 2012 Amy

    I am SO SO SOOOOO proud of you!!! Woo hoo!!! You are a rockstar & I’m more than happy to share this with my followers! Best of luck with this fab new adventure, I know you are going to be AMAZING!!!
    Amy recently wrote…Wordless Wednesday: trick or treat!My Profile

    • November 7, 2012 Alison

      Thank you so much, Amy, I appreciate all the support!

  • November 1, 2012 Leslie

    Congratulations! This is so much bigger than I was ever thinking. How exciting!
    Leslie recently wrote…If You Give a Kid a Pumpkin…My Profile

    • November 7, 2012 Alison

      Thank you, Leslie!
      (what were you thinking, heh?)

  • November 1, 2012 Tracie

    Awesome and wonderful.

    Congrats on the new gig – it is perfect, the website looks great, and you are going to rock it!
    Tracie recently wrote…Book Lovers Secret Recognition ClubMy Profile

    • November 7, 2012 Alison

      Thank you, Tracie, I appreciate all the support!

  • November 1, 2012 Elena

    This is so exciting!!!
    Elena recently wrote…Making a Travel Wish-List for 2013My Profile

    • November 7, 2012 Alison

      Thank you, I’m excited! (and nervous)

  • November 1, 2012 thedoseofreality

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! 🙂 This is so exciting and you should be very proud of yourself! What an exciting new part of your journey, and I have NO DOUBT you will rock this gig! 🙂 -Ashley

    • November 7, 2012 Alison

      Thank you Ashley!

  • November 1, 2012 Asianmommy

    Very cool–congrats!
    Asianmommy recently wrote…Happy Halloween!My Profile

    • November 7, 2012 Alison

      Thank you!

  • November 1, 2012 AnnMarie

    So excited for your new venture! If the budget ever allows for me to spend money on the blog, I will definitely be hitting you up! The new website and logo look awesome! Kim did a great job!
    AnnMarie recently wrote…Life Lessons That HurtMy Profile

    • November 7, 2012 Alison

      She did too!
      And I work with all budgets 🙂

  • November 1, 2012 Recreate and Decorate

    Congrats!!! and best of Luck!

    • November 7, 2012 Alison

      Thanks Wanda!

  • November 1, 2012 Lady Jennie

    Yes! I just knew it! Although I thought it would have to do with baking. Let me tweet this little baby out right away, but after I read the services.

    You will be awesome at this.
    Lady Jennie recently wrote…Autumn GloryMy Profile

    • November 7, 2012 Alison

      Thank you Jennie!
      Baking is a love, I can’t make it a job. 🙂

  • November 2, 2012 Not a Perfect Mom

    look at you! I’m so proud of you and happy for you! This is going to kick some serious ass for you

    • November 7, 2012 Alison

      Thanks Holly!

  • November 2, 2012 another jennifer

    Awesome. Congratulations! I do social media consulting as well. Maybe we can collaborate sometime.
    another jennifer recently wrote…Typing My Heart Out in November: NaBloPoMo 2012My Profile

    • November 7, 2012 Alison

      Thank you! We should talk. 🙂

      • November 7, 2012 another jennifer

        Yes! We’ve got each other’s emails…which reminds me that I still need to contact your suggestion for a Philanthropy Friday post!

  • How exciting! Congratulations! Will commence pimping now. 🙂 Ellen
    Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms recently wrote…Halloween Needed a Champion and That Champion Was ErinMy Profile

    • November 7, 2012 Alison

      I appreciate the support, Ellen!

  • November 2, 2012 tori nelson

    EXCITING!!!! Congrats on your new business!
    tori nelson recently wrote…Victory LaughMy Profile

    • November 7, 2012 Alison

      Thank you Tori!

  • November 2, 2012 Blond Duck

    I need to learn about social media! Kudos to you and congrats!
    Blond Duck recently wrote…DadMy Profile

    • November 7, 2012 Alison

      If you need help, you know where to go 🙂

  • November 2, 2012 Angi

    Go girl! This is excellent. I’m totally impressed.

    • November 7, 2012 Alison

      Thanks Angi!

  • November 3, 2012 Jessica

    Jessica recently wrote…Essence Of Now: BooMy Profile

    • November 7, 2012 Alison

      Thanks Jess!

  • November 3, 2012 Julie

    I was totally your first Facebook like. So um, can I have some cookies? Or those lemon fritters?
    Julie recently wrote…Chick O CheatMy Profile

    • November 7, 2012 Alison

      You’ve been there for me from day one and I know it!! You can have anything you like, lady.

  • November 3, 2012 Runnermom-jen

    Your site looks AWESOME!!! Good for you, Alison, for following your dreams!!! So proud of you.
    Runnermom-jen recently wrote…Sugar HighMy Profile

    • November 7, 2012 Alison

      Thank you so much, Jen!

  • November 3, 2012 Crystal

    Congrats from a fellow Social Media consultant! Rock on girl! 🙂
    Crystal recently wrote…How to Verify Your GoDaddy-Hosted Website on PinterestMy Profile

    • November 7, 2012 Alison

      Thank you Crystal!

  • November 3, 2012 lisacng

    Congrats on venturing into something new! It is scary but it’ll be so rewarding!
    lisacng recently wrote…Halloween {photo}My Profile

    • November 7, 2012 Alison

      It is so scary, but exhilarating! Thank you!

  • November 3, 2012 lisacng

    PS Check your linked pages because all of the text is hyperlinked to your RSS feed.
    lisacng recently wrote…Halloween {photo}My Profile

    • November 3, 2012 Alison

      Are you browsing in Safari? I had that issue yesterday but I thought I fixed it as it’s fine in Chrome. If you are using Safari, do you mind going to Chrome and checking for me? Thanks!

      • November 3, 2012 lisacng

        I don’t have chrome :(. Maybe I’ll check on my mobile device. I was surfing on Safari.
        lisacng recently wrote…Halloween {photo}My Profile

  • November 3, 2012 Angela Porow

    wow congrats to you! Really cool and inspiring, totally wanna be like you when i grow up:-)
    Angela Porow recently wrote…spice fairy | organizing the kitchenMy Profile

    • November 7, 2012 Alison

      Aw, thanks Angela.

  • November 3, 2012 Paloma

    First of all thank you for stopping by “the Coffee Shop” and leaving a comment! I truly enjoyed my SITS day and the comment love from bloggers … like you! 🙂 Congratulations on your new role! I’ll check those links out!

    • November 7, 2012 Alison

      Thank you, Paloma!

  • November 3, 2012 Mothering From Scratch

    {Melinda} So awesome! Very excited for you … will definitely keep you in mind as our blog evolves or when others need your services. Best of luck to you! You will do great!
    Mothering From Scratch recently wrote…The Academic Motivational Flu: A Mom’s Guide for CareMy Profile

    • November 7, 2012 Alison

      Thank you Melinda, and I look forward to the day when you some social media help!

  • November 3, 2012 Ruth

    Congrats Alison!! I believe you will be fantastic in this! I heart the name Little Love Media and the logo!
    Ruth recently wrote…Visiting the Live Turtle and Tortoise MuseumMy Profile

    • November 7, 2012 Alison

      Thanks Ruth, for your support and friendship!

  • November 4, 2012 misssrobin

    Congratulations on your new business. I hope it becomes exactly what you’ve been hoping. Best wishes as you launch and grow.

    Happy Sharefest. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
    misssrobin recently wrote…Trust the Forward PathMy Profile

    • November 7, 2012 Alison

      Thank you for your well wishes!

  • November 4, 2012 Jessica

    I. am. so. proud. of. you.
    Jessica recently wrote…Homeschool Progress ReportsMy Profile

    • November 7, 2012 Alison

      Thank you, my friend. Thank you.

  • November 5, 2012 Elaine A.

    Oh my, WOW, this is so wonderful for you Alison. I am so excited for you!!! Love the name and the logo. I’m sure this is going to be great for you. And more surprises to come? Wow again!!

    Good Luck and I will certainly help spread the word. xo
    Elaine A. recently wrote…My Kids Are SO Stinkin’ Cute, Don’t You Even Try to Deny It!My Profile

    • November 7, 2012 Alison

      Thank you Elaine, I appreciate your support!

  • November 6, 2012 Marta

    Congrats on your business venture! That is big news!
    Marta recently wrote…My Family Will Vote NoMy Profile

    • November 7, 2012 Alison

      Thank you Marta!

  • November 10, 2012 Alexa

    Alison that is so exciting! I will definitely share your info and send people your way if looking for these services! This is so exciting! And I love, love, love your brand design!!
    Alexa recently wrote…No AntidoteMy Profile

    • November 10, 2012 Alison

      Thank you Alexa, I truly appreciate the support!

  • November 14, 2012 Kiddothings

    Good thing I’m reading about all your big news at the same time. Congrats for all that’s going on in your life and all the best with the new business! 🙂
    Kiddothings recently wrote…Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Starter Set – A ReviewMy Profile

    • November 14, 2012 Alison

      Thanks Germaine! Hope you’ve been well!

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