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On March 29, 2011, I published my first post (which I shall not link because frankly, it was crap) with the intention of being a one-woman shopping guide for moms.

Wait, what?

Yes, that is how Mama Wants This! started – as a go-to place for moms looking for fun, fashionable and value-for-money items for their babies, toddlers and themselves.

That lasted for about 10 posts or two weeks, I forget.

I was very diligent in looking for communities when I started blogging. Through that, I found various blogs who hosted writing prompts and started doing those.

Shopping posts were forgotten. An online journal of motherhood, pregnancy, toddler tales and general mayhem emerged. I’m even dabbling in photography and recipe sharing. In December, I started collaborating with a wonderful fellow blogger on our exciting monthly Memories Captured linkup AND working with brands!

To say that MWT and I have come a long way is an understatement.

In celebration of my first year in blogging, I’m teaming up with fellow 1st blogiversary celebrant, Ado of The Momalog to co-host Blog Bash!

Blog anniversary button

Button designed by Erica of yeah write (a sponsor) and free fringes!

For Blog Bash, we ask you to link up your favorite post of all time. It could be something you wrote last week, or two years ago. All it has to be is that it’s a post YOU love.  Ado and I promise to read each and every linked up post (and if you close comments after a certain period, consider opening comments on the post you link up to get some comment love). You can add the Blog Bash button on your old post and do a little intro as to why it’s your favorite, or write a new post with your old post below it, as an update. Any way you like it, we’ll read it!

What’s a celebration without goodies, eh? And goodies we have!

We have FIVE generous sponsors who will be giving *five lucky linkers the following prizes:

Lauren Nicole Gifts, who specializes in beautiful hand stamped silver jewelry, is sponsoring one gorgeous footprint necklace, which you can customize with your baby’s footprint.

Storkie, who has been creating stylish invitation and announcement cards for 21 years, is sponsoring a $50 gift card.

Julia Anthony Designs, run by etsy store owner, Julia Anthony, is sponsoring one pair of beautiful Isadora earrings.

yeah write, a fantastic blogger’s community (where I found and met many wonderful writers early on in blogging), is sponsoring a WordPress theme.

Swank, a full service web design studio, is sponsoring a mini blog makeover.

The Blog Bash linkup is from March 26 to 30, so grab a button from my sidebar and come back to link up your favorite post of all time!!

*Winners will be chosen via

Ado and I are beyond excited and thrilled to be celebrating together, and with you. We look forward to reading your favorite posts!

This is an incredibly crazy and fun month for me – next week is the monthly Memories Captured link up (linky opens March 19 at 12.01 AM EST) with Galit of These Little Waves, so do link up for that as well, we have a fantastic sponsor, Bellflower Books who’s generously giving THREE $100 books!)

Alison Lee is a former PR and marketing professional turned work-at-home mother. After a 10-year career in various PR agencies, and of the world’s biggest sports brands, Alison traded in product launches and world travel, for sippy cups, diapers, and breastfeeding. Alison's writing has been featured on Mamalode, On Parenting at The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, Everyday Family, Scary Mommy, and She is one of 35 essayists in the anthology, My Other Ex: Women’s True Stories of Leaving and Losing Friends. In 2012, she founded Little Love Media, a social media consultancy specializing in blog book tours, and because she doesn’t sleep, is an editor at BonBon Break, an online magazine. Alison lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with her husband and four children (two boys and boy/ girl twins).

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  • March 16, 2012 Kimberly

    I won’t even read some of the stuff I posted in the beginning. Ick.

    Fun linkup! And Happy 1 year!
    Kimberly recently wrote…Where Have I Gone?My Profile

    • March 18, 2012 Alison

      I can’t even look at my archives for March and April 2011. Ick indeed.

      Thank you and I hope you link up!

  • March 16, 2012 Christine

    How fun! I can’t even remember how I celebrated my first blogversary…gotta go back and check and find my favorite post while I’m at it.
    Christine recently wrote…Unfilled Pie Fulfills 6 Year Old’s DreamMy Profile

    • March 18, 2012 Alison

      Yes, do! And link up!

  • March 16, 2012 Janice

    Yay! Happy 1st Blogaversary! You’ve come a long way from your original purpose for your blog. And I think that you are most definitely in the perfect place now though! We all love this place and we wouldn’t want it to be any other way. =)
    Janice recently wrote…Writing Prompts OverloadMy Profile

    • March 18, 2012 Alison

      Aw, thanks Janice!

  • March 16, 2012 Jessica

    What a fun celebration!
    Jessica recently wrote…To Sell Or Not To SellMy Profile

    • March 18, 2012 Alison

      You know me, all fun and games! 🙂

  • Isn’t it crazy how sometimes our blogs evolve completely differently than our original focus?

    So glad yours did. I love your voice. I love your perspective.
    Kimberly at Rubber Chicken Madness recently wrote…Brussels Sprouts? Yes, please!My Profile

    • March 18, 2012 Alison

      No more glad than I am 🙂 And thank you Kimberly!

  • March 16, 2012 Galit Breen

    Happy (almost) blogiversary, my sweet friend! Your bash sounds fabulous, an *of course* I’ll be there! xo
    Galit Breen recently wrote…InspiredMy Profile

    • March 18, 2012 Alison

      Hee! Yay! If I had to pick from your archives, I’ll have a very hard time, they’re all so brilliant!

  • March 16, 2012 Katie E

    Sounds fun – happy almost anniversary!
    Katie E recently wrote…Jenny’s PoetryMy Profile

    • March 18, 2012 Alison

      Thanks Katie, I hope you’ll join us!

  • March 16, 2012 Kate

    Wow! That’s exciting. Happy Almost Anniversary to you!

    • March 18, 2012 Alison

      Thank you Kate!

  • March 16, 2012 angela

    I tend to ignore the beginning of my blog 🙂

    I can’t wait to play with your linkys the next couple of weeks!
    angela recently wrote…Celebrations, My Broken Bracket, and A Golf ReferenceMy Profile

    • March 18, 2012 Alison

      I can’t wait to see what you’ve got!

  • March 16, 2012 Kristen

    I love this! Can’t wait to join in! Now, to figure out a post to link up…
    Kristen recently wrote…The Fox on the Side of the Road…My Profile

    • March 18, 2012 Alison

      It’s kinda fun to look through your old stuff, right? 🙂

  • March 16, 2012 Emily

    This sounds like so much fun! Now I have to figure out my favorite post though. What a question!

    Happy Blogiversary!
    Emily recently wrote…Unbeautiful BeginningsMy Profile

    • March 18, 2012 Alison

      It’s such a great exercise, seeing how far you’ve come 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you’ve got!

  • March 16, 2012 Rach (DonutsMama)

    Ugh, the early stuff I wrote was pretty bad too. Wait, you’ve read it, lol!
    Rach (DonutsMama) recently wrote…Life’s Lessons: Blogging is Good For YouMy Profile

    • March 18, 2012 Alison

      Haha! I’ve never thought of your stuff as crap, honest.

  • March 16, 2012 Christine

    Happy almost Blogoversary! What a great idea!
    Christine recently wrote…No Turning Back – Injury UpdateMy Profile

    • March 18, 2012 Alison

      Thanks Christine! Hope you link up!

  • March 16, 2012 Theresa

    Wow, a year already! You have come a long way…
    Theresa recently wrote…Say What You Really Mean: ToleranceMy Profile

    • March 18, 2012 Alison

      Thank goodness! 🙂

  • March 16, 2012 Debra

    Congrats on the 1 year anniversary! I can’t wait for the link up and hope I win one of those great prizes!
    Debra recently wrote…Pouring My Heart Out — In Between Young Kids And Old FolksMy Profile

    • March 18, 2012 Alison

      Thanks Debra! Can’t wait to read yours!

  • March 16, 2012 Rusti

    congrats on the blogoversaries!! a favorite post, eh?? I’m going to have to do some research for this one! 🙂 what a fun celebration!! xo
    Rusti recently wrote…blessed, and thankfulMy Profile

    • March 18, 2012 Alison

      I’ve been looking through my archives – and it’s kinda fun! Can’t wait to read yours!

  • March 17, 2012 jlweinberg/jen

    Happy Anniversary, Alison!

    I linked up with my favorite post:

    I hope I did it correctly (please let me know if I didn’t!)
    jlweinberg/jen recently wrote…Signed, Sealed, DeliveredMy Profile

  • March 17, 2012 jlweinberg/jen

    Oooops! Now that I went back and read the dates I see I jumped the gun!
    jlweinberg/jen recently wrote…Signed, Sealed, DeliveredMy Profile

    • March 18, 2012 Alison

      Hee! Link up again on the 26th 🙂

  • March 17, 2012 Not a Perfect Mom

    wow…I’d have to go back through my archives…
    happy blogoversary!
    Not a Perfect Mom recently wrote…Oh Ryan Gosling…Stop Making Me Blush!My Profile

    • March 18, 2012 Alison

      Should be fun! Thank you!

  • March 17, 2012 Stacey

    Woohoo!!! Happy Blogaversary to you girls!! And what a fun linkup! Looking forward to it!
    Stacey recently wrote…FourMy Profile

    • March 18, 2012 Alison

      Yay! Look forward to seeing what you’ve got.

  • March 17, 2012 Kelley

    Happy anniversary to you! I always wondered how Mama Wants This got named like that. I love it but was just curious.
    Kelley recently wrote…5 Ways to Create a Family Vacation You Can Actually AffordMy Profile

    • March 18, 2012 Alison

      And now you know! 🙂

  • March 17, 2012 Kristin

    Fun concept! I’m in!

    And when did blogiversaries get so fancy with, like, parties and giveaways and stuff? 😉
    Kristin recently wrote…Friday Tapas: The Fevered EditionMy Profile

    • March 18, 2012 Alison

      Yay! And heck I don’t know! But it’s cool, isn’t it?

  • Happy Blogoversary! So exciting and how wonderful that you have so much fun stuff going on. I will definitely come back for both Memories Captured and The Blog Bash! The year goes by so fast and we may have started our blogs on the exact same day! I have to check but it was pretty close:)
    Shannon from ‘mynewfavoriteday’ recently wrote…A helping hand.My Profile

    • March 18, 2012 Alison

      If you did, that’d be way cool. Can’t wait to see what you’ve got!

  • March 17, 2012 Lady Jennie

    What an excellent and fun idea! So … the linky will be up starting from March 26, is that it?
    Lady Jennie recently wrote…Salade NiçoiseMy Profile

    • March 18, 2012 Alison

      Yes! March 26!

  • March 17, 2012 Kristin

    What a great idea! I let my one year date come and go with little more than a hiccup. It’s much more fun this way.
    Kristin recently wrote…This School has Heart: Save John Dewey High SchoolMy Profile

    • March 18, 2012 Alison

      I’m all about the fun around here 🙂

  • March 17, 2012 Leslie

    How fun! It seems like my favorite posts are nowhere near the most popular, so I can’t wait to see what everyone else loves!
    Leslie recently wrote…St. Patrick’s Day Sweet TreatsMy Profile

    • March 18, 2012 Alison

      That’s usually the case, isn’t it? It should be so fun!

  • March 17, 2012 Jessica

    Wow, what a way to celebrate but I would expect nothing less from you and all your fabulousness (is that a word?).

    • March 18, 2012 Alison

      It is so a word, and thank you!

  • March 17, 2012 Runnermom-jen

    What a great idea!! I love it! And, Happy Blogiversary! You’ve come a long way! 🙂
    Runnermom-jen recently wrote…Wordish WednesdayMy Profile

    • March 18, 2012 Alison

      Thank you Jen! Link up, link up!

  • March 17, 2012 Kimberly

    This is kick ass.
    I know the perfect post for this…one that BlogHer turned down…bitches. It’s the most read post on my blog.
    Kimberly recently wrote…Secret Mommy-hood Confession SaturdayMy Profile

    • March 18, 2012 Alison

      Oh girl, they’ve turned down many posts of mine too. We know better, hun, we know better.

  • March 18, 2012 Tonya

    What a fun idea!! And a great way to celebrate your blogversary. I’ll be back for sure. Now, to pick my favorite post. That’s going to be hard. I don’t think I’ve written it yet. 🙂
    Tonya recently wrote…ConnectionMy Profile

    • March 18, 2012 Alison

      Oh you’ve got so many to choose from, Tonya!

  • March 18, 2012 Poppy

    Isn’t it funny how our blogs evolve? Congrats on your 1 year! You’ve kicked some serious blogging booty girl 😉

    • March 18, 2012 Alison

      Thank you Poppy!

  • March 18, 2012 Robin

    Yay! Fab idea. I think my actual favourite post is recent, so I’ll have to decide if I want to annoy people with it again. 😉
    Robin recently wrote…Bunnies & Lambs & Chocolate, Oh My!My Profile

    • March 18, 2012 Alison

      I love so many of your posts, I’d have a hard time choosing one if I were you!

  • March 18, 2012 Elena

    Love the idea of a blog bash to celebrate – very cool! I had no idea Mama Wants This! started that way. Love hearing the background. Happy 1 year to you, Alison! You definitely have come a long way. 🙂
    Elena recently wrote…Getting My Facial OnMy Profile

  • March 18, 2012 Elena

    Please know that I did read that your date was March 29th – I seriously just realized that it’s not yet March 29th. I mean really, I truly need sleep, I don’t even know the date anymore!
    Elena recently wrote…Getting My Facial OnMy Profile

    • March 18, 2012 Alison

      Hah!! That’s okay 🙂

  • March 19, 2012 Adrienne

    Isn’t it funny how blogging starts by accident. I signed up on blogger with the intention of sharing coupon skills and stories. Then? I realized there was a whole underground world out here filled with fabulous and amazing women sharing their stories. That’s way better!

    You’ve got a wonderful blog here! Glad you fell into it!
    Adrienne recently wrote…Veggie Tales DVD Giveaway!My Profile

    • March 19, 2012 Alison

      Thank you Adrienne. The blogging world is truly amazing, isn’t it?

  • March 19, 2012 JDaniel4's Mom

    It is so cool to see how blog evolve!
    JDaniel4’s Mom recently wrote…Oreos Birthday Lunch and a Memory for Muffin Tin MondayMy Profile

    • March 19, 2012 Alison

      Thanks Deirdre, it’s pretty awesome!

  • March 19, 2012 Alexandra

    I love reading how blogs got their start.

    Just love that.

    And the giveaways here? Huzzah. Count me in.

    I think it’s very special that we’re celebrating blogs have changed our lives, isn’t that amazing????

    Happy Anniversary, A!! Lots and lots of us appreciate you, and count on you being in our twitter stream and on our FB timeline.
    Alexandra recently wrote…AstoundingMy Profile

    • March 19, 2012 Alison

      Thank you Alexandra – blogging HAS changed my life. In ways I never expected. Meeting you, is one of the highlights.

      Come back to link up a favorite post on the 26th okay? I know you’ll have a hard time finding a favorite – you have so many wonderful ones!

  • March 19, 2012 Natalie

    How fun and creative! Can’t wait to link up with you guys!
    Natalie recently wrote…The Luck of the IrishMy Profile

    • March 19, 2012 Alison

      Yay, can’t wait to see your post!

  • March 20, 2012 Jessica

    Congratulations on turning 1! This is awesome! And I love your partnered link-up idea! I can’t wait to link up with you guys!
    Jessica recently wrote…Not a “Normal” New Mom |We’re NormalMy Profile

    • March 20, 2012 Alison

      Yay, can’t wait to read yours!

  • March 21, 2012 Cassie

    Alison, I cannot believe its only been a year since you wrote your first blog post! No seriously, you blog as though you’ve been blogging for years. I love your blog and hope that one day I can get mine up to a level like yours. 🙂 Happy Blogiversary!!
    Cassie recently wrote…Saving Daylight. Losing Sleep.My Profile

    • March 21, 2012 Alison

      Aw, thanks Cassie, for your kind words!

  • March 21, 2012 Kir

    You always come up with the most fun link ups and the idea of your favorite post of all time is brilliant and kind. I have 7 years of post to weed through find myself in the depths of infertility and early early motherhood….my first fictions and my first syndicated post for BlogHer. I am looking forward to reading all the ones linked…I think it will be very telling to see what people hold out to us to share.

    Happy Early Blog Anniversary xo

    • March 21, 2012 Alison

      I can’t wait to see what you have! I know I’ve missed out on a lot of goodness from you, seeing as I never read blogs before last year 🙂

      And thank you!

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