Things I Can’t Say

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I write about many things here.

However, I don’t write about everything.

I’ve never talked about my brothers or their wives much. For good reason. They might read this blog!

Now, I love my brothers. My sisters-in-law and I are on very civil terms.

However, like every family, and every in-law relationship, there are imperfections. Things that you let slide and say nothing about.

It doesn’t mean I don’t think it though.

Today however, I took the plunge and decided to bare all (almost) at Things I Can’t Say, for Shell’s weekly Things They Can’t Say feature.

If you don’t know Shell, crawl out of your rock now! She’s only a blogger extraordinaire and linky/meme queen, ahem.

So head on over to read my post, will ya?

I just hope you’ll still like me and come back.

If you’re here from Shell’s, welcome!

I write about mothering a toddler including the tough times, the good times and the funny times.

I also write about blogging, covering topics like hosting guest posts and tips for new bloggers .

Here, I also share recipes and a weekly series of tips, ideas and advice.

Thank you for dropping by!

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