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I will put it out there. I do have parenting pet peeves.

The one that bothers me the most? It’s how parents, well, parent their children in restaurants. 

Or, rather, fail to parent their children in restaurants. 

Parents who allow their children to run around the restaurant 
Eateries are dangerous places for kids. Wait staff are walking around the place carrying plates and bowls of hot food. Do you want your two year old to run straight into the legs of a waiter carrying bowls to soup to another table? And spill hot liquid onto your precious child? Do you? No? Well, consider this novel idea:  keep your child in their seat. 

Parents who allow their children to scream and bang loud objects together at the table
I have a toddler, so I understand how difficult it is to keep these small people entertained. However, allowing them to bang spoons on bowls, clashing plates together, throwing their toys on the floor, playing with obnoxious toys with ‘cannot-turn-down-the-volume’ features – please, don’t. Some of us are trying to eat, to have conversations at the table. Same with the screaming. Take them outside. Some fresh air will do them good. 

Now, you can tell me, if you don’t like it, go somewhere else, don’t go to a child-friendly restaurant.

To which I’ll tell you to piss off.


Look, I have a child, a toddler. He has been known to act up in public, in restaurants – I even wrote about it here. When I take him out, I have to take him to child-friendly restaurants. I will tell you that we do our best to ensure we are not one of those parents I describe above. We are always very conscious of people in our environment. We do not want to cause a ruckus. We do not want diners to complain about us and the disturbance our child is causing. 

Child-friendly restaurants are not playgrounds. They do not equal free roaming and screaming. They do not mean you let them do what they are not allowed to do at home. 

Child-friendly restaurants are: crayons on tables, high chairs, mini burgers, baby milkshakes, plastic cutlery, family dining, a warm ambiance. 

Child-friendly restaurants? They are not a ticket for you to stop parenting. So parents, please, parent your child in restaurants. 

Written for Mama  Kat’s Losin’ It Writer’s Workshop: “Name a pet peeve you have about how other parents raise their kids”.
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