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Last week for the Writer’s Workshop, I wrote a six word memoir. This week, instead of choosing the prompt I suggested, I’ve decided to go with prompt #1, which is to elaborate on the six words. Because any opportunity to talk about my baby, I’ll take. I’m only half kidding. Heh.

My six words were:
Breath, soft. Heart, full. Life, complete.

The memoir? December 29, 2009. The birth of my son, Monkey, and the early days, specifically, the first five days before we left the hospital. I had some complications with blood loss after the delivery, which involved a 6-hour iron transfusion 3 days later. I was fatigued, more so than I think I would have been, if I wasn’t so anemic post-partum. I was also emotional, my hormones probably taking a beating. I was clueless, lost, scared, thrilled, excited, calm, serene, down, weepy. 

Breath, soft.
I could not stop staring at my baby. I would frequently look at him, and put my face near his when he slept. 
In his quiet slumber, I’d hear his soft breath, see the gentle rise and fall of his chest. I stroked his soft cheek, held his small, chubby hands, which he’d freed from his swaddle. Marveling at this little person. We made him
He loved sleeping on me, especially after he’d nursed. He’d gently sigh, and turn his head, lay his left cheek on my chest. I’d hear him breathe quietly. And I would inhale his new babyness, cherishing our time alone, mother and son.
Heart, full.
I was in love. Totally, head over heels, undeniably in love with my child. The baby, so wanted. Here at last. I often felt that my heart was so full, it would burst.
The overwhelming emotions I had for this baby shook me to the core, and took me to the depths of happiness I didn’t even know existed.
“I didn’t know I could love someone so much,” I whispered to my husband, more than once. 
Life, complete.
I felt complete. That hole in my heart was filled. That gap in my life thus far, filled. The space in my life, filled.
We are now three. 

Note: Of course, this was the beginning. Way before I felt the need to write this.

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