Twitter, what will I do without you?

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Two months ago, I wrote a post about how Twitter ‘ruined’ my life.

I’m pleased to say that I no longer feel that way.

Twitter? Is my new best friend.

If you’re in my Twitter radar, you might have caught a little of the ‘drama’ happening in MWT land. That of my weaning my toddler off breastfeeding.
TMI, much?
If it is, you should stop reading now. It only gets worse from this point on.
@Twitter is #helpful and #supportive

My call for help received immediate response!

She meant him, of course 🙂
More messages of advice and support!


So it’s all rainbows and unicorns and sunshine and popcorn over in the land of weaning. These ladies are awesome.
There is another side to Twitter.
That of madness and havoc and mayhem and silliness and TMI-ness and yes, inappropriateness.
Welcome to the fun side of Twitter.
@Twitter is #entertaining

I was a little obsessed with weaning and the effects on my chest
More boob talk
And this! An innocent conversation led to well, an interesting Twittersation.
Yes, you read that right


Yes, you read that right too!

I will spare you the details and won’t go into the details of how #crotchcork came to be.
Let’s just say, Twitter? Is AWESOME.
*Thank you to the following tweeps (that’s Twitter peeps for your Twitter virgins) for guest starring in this Twost (that’s Twitter post, clever right?). You should totally follow them if you too, want, interesting Twittersations that blow up your Tweetdeck or Hootsuite. Or if you want help and support. Yeah, that too!*
Appearance in alphabetical order:

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