My proud mommy moment

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You know how you click immediately with some people?

I do. When I met Kir, from The Kir Corner, I believe we did click. Immediately. I don’t quite remember our first encounter – it could have been through the red dress club, for which Kir writes gorgeous stories for the Red Writing Hood prompts.
It could have been through someone else’s blog where we both commented. Or quite possibly, Twitter (I spend a lot of time there!)
What matters is, we met. And I feel blessed and lucky to have a friend like Kir. She could not be more supportive, friendly. warm and genuine. 
When she asked me if I’d like to guest post at her place for her feature Proud Mommy Moments? I said yes immediately. Of course. 
Even though right after I said yes, I thought, Ack! What do I write?
Fortunately, it was easier than I thought. So please, do take a little trip with me to Kir’s Corner and read about my Proud Mommy Moment? If you haven’t met her, omigosh, you must head there straight away and see why she’s so loved. Thank you.

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