Good and Tasty, I promise!

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It’s official.
I live under a rock.
Because I only just discovered this fabulous lady, Lerner from Stay At Home Babe
The first post I read of hers, talked about a new link up she’s starting today, called Good and Tasty Tuesday, where you show what good and tasty stuff you’ve eaten this week (or last week, I don’t know, whenever, recent basically). 
I’m trying to eat a little better, get some healthy nosh in at least once a week, so participating in this link up, totally encourages me to think about what I eat, and ensure I eat at least one good meal a week. 
So here it is.
It’s a pasta salad I had for lunch yesterday. I did not make it. Ahem. 
I do know this: it’s delicious, it’s healthy and I can eat this all the time. 
Ingredients: Fusilli, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, green and red bell peppers, pumpkin, diced grilled chicken breast, turkey ham and for crunch and texture, Haloumi cheese crisps. I salivated just typing that. All topped off with a simple olive oil and lemon dressing.
Did you eat something good and tasty? I want to see! Link up now with Good and Tasty Tuesday with Stay At Home Babe!!


I also want to do a quick shout out here.

If you haven’t heard of lovelinks by now, where have you been hiding? A brilliant idea by Erica at free fringeslovelinks is fantastic for finding new awesome blogs and meeting new awesome friends. Just link up here with your favorite post and click on others to read and comment!




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