Wordless/Wordful Wednesday – Those Were The Days

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I was supposed to get my new kick ass Canon today. But I didn’t. It hasn’t arrived. My plan for an awesome Wordless/ Wordful Wednesday went down the drain.
So I resorted to digging through old pictures. And aha! I found these.
I was four years old. 
Cute dress if I say so myself.
And I’m sorry about the orange couch.
And the bowl haircut.
It was 1980. 

I think this was a performance for Twelve Days of Christmas.

Did I or did I not rock that dress?
Yes, I am the one who is not standing straight.
Even in kindergarten, I was a rebel.
I’m just glad I didn’t have to wear a bird suit.

Let’s hope next week I can post NEW pictures!
Do you have any photos of yourself as a kid you aren’t ashamed of? Heh heh

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