Wordless Wednesday: Play Time….and I’m over at Life with Baby Donut!

It’s time for play! 

So aside from awesome pictures of my awesome child Monkey, I’d like to tell you that I’m guest posting today – yes, second time this week!

Well, my bloggy friend Rach from Life with Baby Donut asked if I could fill in for her for one day, while she’s off relaxing with her family on an awesome vacay. How could I say no? Any new mommy deserves a break, even from her blog.

So, why are you still here? Go check out my advice to newbie bloggers – from a newbie blogger. Not that I’m suggesting you need the advice. Just that, well, it’d be nice if you did. Visit, that is. Show some love, y’know?  No? Okay [sad face].

I’ll give you a cookie if you go…… no?

Ok, ice cream?……no?

Cookies and ice cream??……oh, you’re not my kid, I can’t bribe you!

This is turning out to be a pretty long post for a supposedly Wordless Wednesday. Anyway, go visit Rach at her blog and see what nonsense I’m spouting. 

Are you doing Wordless/ Wordful Wednesday? If so, link up like me at Seven Clown Circus, Live and Love……Out Loud and Project Alicia.

p/s* I’m linking up with Bees With Honey for Bruna’s fabulous Let’s Bee Friends. Why? Because she’s awesome. 




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