What’s in my fridge?

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This week is turning out to be “let’s see how many embarrassing things this Mama can show the Internet world”. 
First, there was the vlog that I said I’d never make
Next, came the Senior Hottie photo I dug up from 1993/ 94.
And today, I present to you, the contents of my refrigerator. Why would I do that? Why am I subjecting myself (and my obvious lifestyle) to your scrutiny?
For Kelly from Mom Got Blog. I only recently ‘met’ Kelly when I read how she ran a marathon, and was touched by how she asked her readers to ‘claim’ a mile each, to help inspire her to keep going. She’s awesome, people. 
So when she decided to do a “What’s in Your Fridge’ link up ala Oprah Winfrey, I thought, why not link up? (well, there are many reasons, but we won’t go there).
And here we go! 

Yes. there is no food in my fridge. I haven’t cooked or baked in months. I am not proud of this. (Let me just add that my son eats most of his meals at his grandparents place, so no, he’s not surviving on chocolate and coconut juice).
I LOVE coconut juice. It’s not quite the same as a fresh coconut,  but these canned ones, come pretty close. In the middle shelf, I present to you a, er, box of mini fusilli and um, chocolates. There’s Daim, Ghiradelli Squares and a Crunchie bar. 
Yes, we do love chocolate in this household.
And the bottom shelf is just stuffed with a variety of things: sugar, flour, some spices, muesli, peanut butter, jars of pasta sauce (yes, I buy ready made pasta sauce, don’t judge) and some pureed fruit my son eats daily. It’s a healthy mixture of pear and apple and it’s the easiest way to get some fruit in him (it’s better than applesauce people!).
And lastly, in the shelf, it’s a variety of pastas (we do love pasta).

And what’s stacked in the door?

Milk, of course. For cereal and my countless cups of tea. A couple of bottles of orange juice and my husband’s current obssession – Starbucks Frapuccinos! And a LOT of condiments: mayonnaise, mustard (I believe we have varieties), sauces and even a tiny bottle of vanilla essence. 
What my fridge tells you:
– We don’t eat proper food
– I don’t cook
– We have a lot of beverages
– We love chocolate
– We have a lot of stuff that we use for cooking
What it doesn’t tell you:
– I would cook but I don’t because…..er, I just don’t right now, but I will!
– We do normally have fruit in there, but I just finished the last mango
– I am quite brave for showing you this (haha!)
So, feeling up to sharing? If you’re heh, brave, like me, do link up with Kelly here!




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