The one where I draw – badly

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You know how sometimes the stuff you want to write about, you can visualize in your head? Like a movie?

Okay, fine, it’s just me. So my toddler was all tantrum-y this morning.

See, that was so uninteresting. Which is why I decided to illustrate it for you. Badly. Remember my last attempt? Please be kind, I failed art class in high school. Yes, art class. And I’m no Hyperbole and a Half, nor am I going to try to be. So that’s my disclaimer. Read on at your own risk.
The story is this. I was hanging out with the Monkey, and I was generously sharing with him my new iPad 2.
He appeared happy.
For no reason discernible to me, he suddenly decided he didn’t want to play with the iPad anymore.
And tried to throw it on the ground, people.
My less-than-24-hour-old iPad.
So, this Mama said, “No Monkey, don’t do that. Here, give it to me.”
And the result was, as you can see above, tears. From smiling and laughing to crying up a storm in a matter of seconds. For no good reason.

I guess being 16.5 months old is a good enough reason.
Guess who went down for a nap earlier than usual?
No, not me. Silly. 
Maybe I need one. I mean, look at my drawings. A 2 year old could  do better.
I apologize.
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