Senior Hottie (not!)

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Great things come out of innocent Twittersations.

One of those things is the brilliant Senior Hotties link up, created by Liz over at a belle, a bean & a chicago dog. This requires one to dig up pictures of ourselves in our senior year in high school.
Since I went to an all-girls school in Malaysia, we were always in uniform. Pictures were taken here and there, in classrooms,and of course we had the official class photo, with 50 people in it. 
Of course, I don’t have at hand those pictures. 
Instead, I found one that is closest to that time in 1993 when I was in high school. This was taken a few months after graduation, when a bunch of us were at the airport, sending off my bestie to England, where she was heading to pursue further studies. 
(It’s not a very good picture, where our faces are slightly blurry, while the awesome background of the airport is crystal clear.)
Faces of my friends have been blanked out to protect their privacy
I was so young.
And skinny.
It was fun, looking through old pictures. Our fashion sense was poor, to say the least. Yet we were brave enough to wear them. 
I sort of miss being 17.
So, I want to know – were you a Senior Hottie? If you find some awesome pictures of yourself in high school and want to link up with Liz, DO IT! The linky is open until Monday, May 30.




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