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I was always the Top Hat. My sister was the Boot. My brother chose the Car, of course.

I would usually be the Banker too. I liked being in control, handling money.

I love the handing out of the paper money. Adored the little green ‘house’s, the red ‘hotels’

Loved the anticipation of seeing what Chance or Community cards brought.

Jumped every time I landed on property that hadn’t been bought, and checking to see if I had the ‘funds’ to purchase it. 

Heaved a sigh of relief each time I passed Go and collected another $200.

And with the end of each game, always, “One more! One more!”

Tea. Ate. Eat. Meat. Tame. Mate. Date. Dame. Made. Dream. Dreams!
Words, words, more words. 
Always looking for the elusive 5 or 6 letter word. Jotting down the 3 and 4-letter words quickly. 
Glancing frantically at the hourglass, the sand moving through impossibly fast.
The tiles. Smooth. Letters slightly faded from many sweaty fingers.
The green tile rack. Angling it carefully so no one can peek at my tiles.
Place tiles on the board, and make sure they’re sitting right in it. A little obsessive about the tiles not sitting quite right on the board. Must be straight in the box!
Two letter words, memorizing them, they always come in so handy!
Monopoly. Boggle. Scrabble. How I miss you three. 
The rainy days when we were kept indoors, you occupied us. 
Kept restless minds from making trouble.
Taught us to count, learn new words, perfect our spelling, be quick with our thinking. 
We grew up, played computer games, packed you away. 
I long for those days. 
This was written for RemembeRed, Red Dress Club, the prompt: Memories of games you played as a child. We played more than just those three games – we also played Risk, Cluedo, card games. But those three are closest to my heart. Fancy a game anyone?

p/s* I’m linking this post to Bruna’s (from Bees With Honey) weekly Let’s Bee Friends feature.

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