Mother’s Day, Schmother’s Day

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Today is Mother’s Day. The day where millions of dollars will be spent on flowers, gifts, breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea and dinner. The day husbands and children serve their wives and mothers breakfast in bed. The day that grown women make awkward phone calls to their mother to wish them Happy Mother’s Day. 
And Monday rolls around. And it’s back to the grind. The flowers start wilting in the vases. Mothers clean the kitchens where breakfast was made the day before by well-meaning husbands and children. Grown women heave a sigh of relief as they have another year before they make that awkward phone call.
Yes, I guess you already know I am one of those mothers who dislike the idea of a day dedicated to celebrating mothers. Who pooh-pooh the commercialism of Mother’s Day. Who regard Mother’s Day as a day where I can’t go to a restaurant for a meal and not be ripped off because they are only serving some Mother’s Day special buffet which I don’t want. 
Put the stick away. Don’t bash me (yet). Hear me out.
Why do I dislike this commercial Mother’s Day so? First, let me tell you what I think of motherhood. And this is just me. 
When you become a Mother, it’s for life. You take all the good with the bad. You take all the smiles with the crying. The laughs with the wailing. The hugs with the bites. The diaper blowouts with the success of potty training. All the beautiful things that say with the nasty things they will throw at you. All the successes with the failures. All the bright days with the dark days. 
Every single day. 

To lump all this into one day, and say, “Celebrate your Mother today! Show her how much you love her!” – I’m sorry, I disagree. 
I think you should show your Mother every day in small ways, how much you love her, appreciate her. 
Why wait for the second Sunday in May to get your Mom some flowers?
Why wait for the second Sunday in May to take your Mom out for a manicure or a spa day? 
Why wait for the second Sunday in May to let your wife have a day off from the kids so she can have a long leisurely lunch? 
Why wait for the second Sunday in May to call your Mom and say hi? 
Do it today, or tomorrow, or next week. Just do it. Be good to your Mother. Every day. For as long as possible. 
Oh, and Happy Mother’s Day. Or Schomother’s Day. Just have a great day/ week/ year, you fabulous Moms!
I had this for breakfast. Yee ha!



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