Me? Jealous?
May 6, 2011 Uncategorized
25 years old

Dear 25 year old Self,

I envy you.

Your sleek black hair with no split ends.

Your 25 inch waist.

Your ability to eat whatever you want and see no effect on your body.

Your ability to party every weekend and recover in time for Monday.

Your freedom to go wherever you please, anytime you please.

Your job you love so much.

Your friends who make you feel good.

I envy your youth, your freedom, your 4-inch heels.

35 year old Self

35 years old

Dear 35 year old Self,

I envy you.

Your slightly wavy hair.

Your curves.

Your choice to quit the rat race.

Your lack of worry about bills.

Your true friends who stick by you though thick and thin.

Your having found ‘The One’.

Your son.

I envy your happiness, your contentment and your comfortable yoga pants.

Trust me, you’re better off.

25 year old Self

This is for this week’s red writing hood prompt – jealousy. 




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