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Mama Wants This is a small blog. That’s OK. It’s pretty new so that’s completely where it should be. So how do small blogs get read?
When you have awesome folks like Erica at free fringes starting lovelinks, that’s how. 

Erica, I’m going to shirk my responsibilities paraphrase your introduction to lovelinks, if that’s OK. 

The idea is to introduce new readers to the smaller blogs in the blogosphere. The ones that doesn’t have 350 comments on a picture of a toilet bowl. The ones who write really, really good stuff, but only has 10 followers. The ones that are starting up, and need a little boost to keep going.
So, are you up for reading a few new blogs with me? And commenting? As you know, we bloggers LOVE comments. 
You do? Why, thank you! I am pleased to be hosting for the first time this week’s lovelinks, so do sign up below. Once you do, you’ll get a notification each time a blogger adds a blog to this week’s lovelinks.
It’s really not a huge commitment. If you can spare a few minutes, go read them and comment. If not, well, don’t. And if the notifications is irritating the hell out of you, and you are cursing me to hell, do send me an email and I’ll take you off the list, no dramas, mama. 
I promise I won’t do this to you.
No teddy bears were harmed in the process of this photo being taken

And speaking of lovelinks, guess who was the winner of last week’s?

OK, OK, it wasn’t a cat who won.

I did!

Thank you all my dear bloggy friends who voted for my Twitter post. I love you all. I do. XOXO

How’s this for a boost? Thanks Erica, for lovelinks (and your awesome Angry Birds avatars). Go on, get linking!



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