I vlogged. Yes, I did. Crap

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When I started blogging about 2 months ago, never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I’d be doing this. 

A vlog. For Vlogtalk #3.


The wave of vlogging has been gentle for a few weeks. Suddenly, it’s literally knocking on my door, saying, “Hey, you should totally do this! It’s fun! It’s easy! We promise not to laugh at you!”
So I did it. I took the plunge. I videoed myself talking. I did 3 takes and decided to just go with the last one. Mainly because I was kinda sick of talking to myself.
The prompts were:
1. Show us your 3 favorite magazines and tell us what you like about them.
2. Where do you spend most of your time and why?
3. A parenting mistake you have made (Submitted by A Mountain Momma)
I decided to do #1. Just as I was wrapping up the vlog, I thought I’d do the second one too. Except I forgot to answer the ‘why’ bit. Oops. But the answer might be fairly obvious.
Be kind. Be gentle. I did um and ah because well, I didn’t have a script and I was winging it the whole time. Also, my eyes shift while I’m thinking. And I appear to have a lot of strange expressions. I’m sort of hoping I don’t normally look like that when I’m talking in real life…..but who am I kidding? Also, 3 minutes of video? I am sorry, if you feel compelled to stop watching after 2, that’s okay too. 
Here goes nothing. My vlog cherry, popped. I hope you ladies are happy, Jessica from My Time As Mom, Elena from Mommy Is In Time Out and Kate from Mommy Monologues.




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