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This post should have been written last week but I sort of let it slide because, er, um, right, I have no idea why. It’s kinda like the laundry that piles up, or the dishes that just needs to be done, or the…..well, you get the picture. 

I digress. I think this is how shit piles up over here in MWT bloggyland, I get distracted so easi……oh shiny object!!

Ah, sorry! There I go again, off on some tangent. I better get to it before some of you get sick of my blathering and leave. I am combining a bunch of stuff in one post, because I’m smart like that.

lovelinks #6
Remember how I had the honor of hosting lovelinks #6 courtesy of Erica at free fringes? We had great response with about 30 gorgeous posts linked in and voted on. 

We have a WINNER! Naomi over at Confessions of a Momaholic garnered the most votes with her gorgeous piece, Vivid. Congratulations Naomi! For those of you who aren’t familiar with Naomi, please do yourself a favor and go to her blog. She writes with raw honesty and tells the most amazing stories. Also, lovelinks #7 is now open for voting!

Bloggy Awards
I’m really new to blogging so it’s really an honor and a privilege to be amongst really awesome bloggers. And to have some of these ladies deign me worthy to receive a bloggy award? My heart just burst with gratitude and joy.

Ok, that’s a little cheesy. Rewind!

Just thank you, thank you, thank you. 

First up, I received an STD from the funny and awesome Leigh Ann of Multitasking Mumma.

Yes, you read that right. An STD.

What did you think it was?? Of course it’d be the Sexy & Talented Diploma created by the ever-funny Lady Estrogen from Adventures in Estrogen

There are a couple of rules to follow in accepting this awesome award.
1. Make up ONE totally ridiculous story about yourself that is a complete rip-off from a movie. It can be as long or short as you want; clean or crass as you want.
2. Pass it on to whomever you feel is deserving of this STD – or accept it and keep it for yourself; it’s your blog – it’s your choice.
3. If you choose to accept this STD, please link your acceptance post back to Lady E
, which I have. Twice. Heh.

Here goes, with the story:
I dance ballet. I’m sorta good, but not wild crazy good that I don’t have to audition or kiss up to the smarmy director. I somehow get the lead role as some bat-ass crazy swan lady and proceed to go all hallucinatory on you. That involves imagined make out sessions with a chick who looks remarkably like Mila Kunis and me running around seeing devils and monsters do crazy stuff. Like dance ballet in tights and wearing a horn head. Then I dance and dance, and my hair change colors halfway, and then I collapse and die.

With that award winning story, I really should be a screen writer or something.

Ok, or something.

I hereby pass this STD on to one of my favorite bloggy people, Ado from The Momalog! She writes awesome posts about the end of the world and even an etiquette guide on how to attend this stupendous event. Congratulations Ado!

 The Stylish Blogger

I know. I’m as stumped as you are. MWT is totally not stylish. It’s actually sort of meh.

I think Stasha of The Good Life just wanted to mess with me, giving this to me. But I accept. Because I’m awesome like that.

The award calls for the recipient to write 7 things about themselves and pass it on to 5 bloggers.

I am totally breaking the rules here. I already wrote 7 things about me when I received The Versatile Blogger award. So I won’t bore you with what is already a darn long post. 

I will pass it on though. To the following….

Congratulations to these awesome peeps. if you haven’t read their blogs, why wait? Go!
5. Life with Baby Donut
6. The Momalog (yes, again! She’s awesome, like I said)
Ok, bear with me. This is the last one, I promise you.
The No-Hoops Award

Created by the fabulous Bernie of One Mixed Bag, this award is exactly what it says it is. No hoops. No rules. No need to spout random facts about yourself. No need to pass it on unless you want to. It’s all just for fun. So, I’m doing just that. Not jumping through hoops. Except a big shout out and thank you to Bernie for this.
Phew. Ok, that is all people. I apologize that this was so long. I know, it was kind of hard on me too. I did after all, have to write all that. And read and re-read. And edit. Oh yes, I edited. 



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