I can almost taste it

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What’s that smell?

Ooh, roast chicken. It’s roast chicken. Have to see it.

There it is, look at it glistening golden brown, I can practically taste the juice of that meat.

And what’s that? Oooh, fresh bread!

Can never get enough of that fresh-out-of-oven smell.

Hear that *crunch*, that gorgeous baguette as you bite into it.


Red, I see red. Luscious red.

Raspberry tart! Look at those beautiful raspberries, all sitting pretty in that buttery pastry.

…. what’s that?

Can you smell that?

Banana chocolate cake.

My favorite.

That sheen of chocolate buttercream frosting.

The moist banana embedded in rich chocolate cake.

Must have, must eat it. NOW.


“NO! NO! Scooter, GET OFF THAT TABLE! Dogs are NOT allowed to eat chocolate cake!”

“Damn, is your dog always that greedy?”

“Only when there’s a party,” I smiled.

This is a piece of fiction inspired by and written for the prompt: Gluttony from The Red Dress Club




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