How we came to be

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This was going to be a vlog for VlogTalk.

But some stories are meant to be written down. How we came to be engaged is one of them. I knew this after numerous attempts to vlog it. So, VlogTalk ladies, I hope you don’t mind that I borrow your engagement story prompt for this post.

{I will vlog for another prompt this week, I promise! Jessica, Elena, Kate, don’t hunt me down!)

My cat

A carrot (source)
What does a cat and a carrot have to do with this story? You shall see.
It was November 2005. We’d been together for 18 months. We hadn’t really been talking for one week, due to a silly fight.
So, imagine my surprise when one night, at 4am, my then-boyfriend burst into my apartment. He shook me by the shoulder, waking me.
“Wha……er….what are you doing here?” I said, rubbing my eyes, peering at him, blurry-eyed.
“Here, take this.” He hands me a zip lock bag with a carrot in it (ah! The carrot!). I take the bag, eying it suspiciously.
“What do you want me to do with a carrot?”
“Bite the tip off.”
“What? Look, it’s the middle of the night. You come bursting in and ask me to bite the tip off a carrot?”
“Yes, just do it.”
Sigh. “Alright.” I chew the tip off. I hate raw carrot.
“Okay, now what? What’s going on?”
“Is it still a carrot?”
I blink at him incredulously. Is this a joke?
“Yes, ” I said slowly. “What are you doing?”
“So it’s not a whole complete ONE carrot, but it’s still a carrot?”
My patience is running thin. “Yes, yes, it’s still a carrot. Why are you acting so strange?”
“Hey, close your eyes for a minute, OK?” he says. I notice that he has placed the camera on a table, next to the bed, facing me. It’s turned on. I frown, feeling a little miffed at the shenanigans, but close my eyes obediently.
I hear the door open, then shut. Rustling. Then……
“Meow! Meow! Meow!” (this is where the cat comes into the picture)

A kitten! My eyes remain shut. He says, “Open your eyes!”
My eyes open to meet hazel-green eyes, flecked with gold. A tiny bundle of yellow fur with a pink bow around her neck, lay nestled in my hands.
“A kitten! Oh, she’s adorable!” I immediately start stroking her little head, her big eyes staring at me, meowing softly. My first cat, Regal, tentatively approaches, wondering what the commotion is about.
“Her name is Tiffany,” he says. He bends down on one knee (my bed was pretty low, so I didn’t think anything of it then).
He pulls out a box.
The color looks familiar, but I’m not wearing my glasses, so everything is sort of blurry.
I still haven’t connected the dots (have you? With the carrot, then a cat?)

“Will you marry me?”
I am distracted by the kitten. She is meowing, fighting for my attention.
“Er….yes, okay.”
“Open it. The box.”
I pull at the ribbon. It falls away easily. I gingerly hold the familiar Tiffany blue box and pull out a dark blue ring box. He opens it.
The solitaire sparkles in the low light of my studio apartment. It’s beautiful.
“It’s a Tiffany solitaire ring, ” he says rather unnecessarily. “Hence, the kitten’s name is Tiffany. She’s your engagement cat.”
“And the carrot?”
“Oh. The diamond, it’s 0.98 carat. Not quite one carat. But it’s still a carat. Of sorts. It’s still a complete diamond ring.” He looks sheepish.
Silly man!! As if I cared about the size of diamonds, something of which I have no knowledge!
“At least we’ll have a good story to tell eh?”
The ring. This was taken on our honeymoon, as we hadn’t thought to take pictures right after we got engaged
We later watched the video together, as the whole thing was filmed. My reaction to his proposal, as he noted, was muted. To my defense, I was half-asleep and distracted by a kitten. And no, I am not posting the video here. I was in my pajamas, people! Also, the ring was really loose. I had to keep a finger on it at all times, until I got it resized a couple of weeks later.

We kept the engagement secret for 2-3 months. We just wanted to enjoy being the only people to know. 

Tiffany and Regal have been with new owners since March 2010. I could no longer lavish them the attention they deserved when the baby was born. I know they’re happy, as we are.

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