Writer’s Workshop: What do the contents of your handbag/purse “say” about you?

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The contents of a woman’s handbag evolves like she does, I believe. Three years ago, my handbag was really a laptop bag with many important work things: laptop, laptop charger, cellphone, purse, sunglasses, business card holder, various pens, a vanity mirror, blotting sheets (shiny faces in this weather is common!), 3 or 4 lipsticks, car key and a notepad to write notes during my many work meetings. 
Two years ago after I left the workforce forever, but still child-free, my handbag (a real one) contained: a cellphone (and a lot less phone numbers), purse, sunglasses, car key. I was cool.

Now, this is what’s in my handbag these days.

Blue Coach purse- the Monkey likes to grab this and remove everything from it, particularly money. Sign of things to come?

Penguin ‘wallet’ – Monkey’s grandmother sewed this for him, as she thought it might distract him from playing with purse. So far, he still prefers mine. But we persevere. It’s so cute though isn’t it?
Mini-lift flap book – This is awesome. He spends ages (read: minutes) lifting the pages. I like to think he’s “reading”.
Mam pacifier holder – Monkey doesn’t use a pacifier actually. Not in the traditional sense anyway. He like to bite on it. And throw it around. I keep this handy in my bag when he needs a distraction. And when I need my purse back. He also like to play with the holder. (Confession: there’s no pacifier in this one. It’s somewhere in the recesses of my car)
Water bottle with straw – The Monkey is a voracious water drinker. I am pleased.
Wet wipes – My best friend. 
Snacks – I do feed my child real food. This is again, to distract him, particularly in restaurants when he doesn’t want to let me eat.
Lip balm – I don’t really use lip balm much so I have no idea what this is doing in the bag. It’s a reflection of mommy brain.
Notebook & pen – These days, I use this to write my grocery shopping list!
Car key – Free of fiddly, chunky key chains. (Confession: It broke. I broke it, not the baby)
What does it say about me?

1. I am no longer cool.
2. My toddler doesn’t play with anything but my things.
3. I am no longer cool.
4. I still travel pretty light yes?
5. Did I mention, I’m no longer cool?




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