The Week That Was

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This time last week, was the start of what looked to be a terrible week.

I ate bad chicken and had a case of stomach flu. Chocolate helps everything right? Which got me to thinking about this brownie recipe, which I just had to share.
Following my recovery, I took my Monkey out for a playdate, involving breakfast and some time at a play gym. And this happened. Toddler meltdown. Mama meltdown.
Hence, said toddler took over the blog to prove to the world that he was not always that bad. 
Things started to pick up a little on Thursday when I got an email from Tammy of World’s Worst Moms, saying she was featuring my little story, yay! Be warned if you haven’t read it, it involves poop. A lot of poop.
Thursday is my favorite day when it comes to writing. Because it’s Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop. I love the weekly prompts (saves me from thinking hah!). This week, I chose to write about something students should know, with some anecdotes from my teacher sister.
This year, I pledged to be positive. There were moments this week when I felt down, burdened and just meh, but slowly, things looked up. My Monkey appeared to have reverted to his usual cheeky self, no tantrums in sight. And so his Mama decided to take the plunge and try writing a prompt from the red dress club’s weekly red writing hood.
From the two prompts, one jumped out at me. It was a post that seemed to write itself. Here I write a letter to my deepest, darkest fear – that of failure.

And whaddya know? I knew the week had really turned itself around when I received really good feedback and comments from that last post, especially from really good writers like Cheryl from MommypantsJenni from MommyNaniBooBoo and Jill from Scary Mommy. That has really encouraged me to keep going, so thank you!

Next week, I have a couple of exciting things happening, can’t wait!

P/S* I also took the plunge and started a Facebook fan page, so do stop by and Like! 




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